Happy Easter!  I hope you have a beautiful holiday filled with family and friends and of course good food.  Here are a few last minute Easter ideas.  Many you can print and use today and a few are from Made by you Monday, by people like you! This lemon cake is delicious and easy. Perfect for a last minute Easter Dessert!

Dinner Conversation Starters

Get people talking at the table and getting to know each other with these easy questions.

Dinner Conversation Starters 1


Homemade Easter Bunny Basket


Cadbury Egg Chocolate Bark

This no-bake bark has both type of the Cadbury Eggs and they tucked in between a layer of milk chocolate, topped off with white chocolate, then, topped off with M & M’s. Gah! Chocolate overload! Love it and perfect for left over candy!

Cadbury Egg Chocolate Bark

Easter Bunny Twinkie Pops

Easter bunny pops

Butterfinger Egg Peanut Butter Pie

Not only is this pie creamy and delicious and loaded with peanut butter goodness in a chocolate crust, but it’s also filled and topped with crushed BUTTERFINGER® Cup Eggs!

butterfinger egg pie

Baking Soda Easter Eggs

This would be a perfect afternoon craft ideas for Easter!


Be sure to stop by tomorrow and link up for Made by you Monday!  Who knows maybe next week I will be featuring you!

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