Here are few ideas for simple but useful gifts that could be made up in a hurry for teachers.

At our school teachers must now wear a badge. Cute2Carry offers an easy tutorial for making a pretty lanyard for those badges.

A cute coffee cozy along with a coffee shop gift certificate would also be an appreciated gift.   Pink Milk and Fairycakes has a quick and easy coffee cozy tutorial.

If you knit or crochet try these coffee cozy patterns:
knitted Coffee Cozy pattern
Crochet Coffee Cozy with finger pocket pattern

Help your teacher take their lunch to school in style with this simple oil cloth lunch sack —filled with a gift certificate to a local sandwich shop would make it extra nice!

Every teacher could use a bookmark —-attach a note that says, “You wrote the book on being a great teacher” and enclose a gift certificate for your local bookstore to make it extra special!

Make and Takes has a  beautiful beaded bookmarks tutorial submitted by reader Megan

You can find more handmade bookmark ideas here

I made these fabric covered steno pads for my children’s teachers.  On the first page of the notebook I wrote, “Just a note to say…………………..” You may find the pattern in the shop.

My generous friend Michelle gave the pattern a go for me and made this beautiful cover!

She is going to give the notepad cover (just the cover, not the pad) as her December Box Tops giveaway.  So if you have any Box Tops or Campbell’s Labels to send to her just email her for her address, and if she gets them before January, you’ll earn one chance for every Box Top or Campbell’s point.  Most importantly, you’ll be helping her daughter’s school.

More homemade gift ideas can be found here

More teacher appreciation ideas can be found here.

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  1. Thank you for all your great ideas. Hopefully next year I can come up with some to share to you.

  2. I’ve added your cute button to my blog sidebar …
    thanks!! cute stuff!!

  3. I came across your site this morning. And OMG! What an amazing treasure of ideas and beautiful things. You are an inspiration. T H A N K Y O U for being so creative and to share your J O Y with all of us!! Tere in Pleasanton, CA, USA

  4. Love your blog! You are SO creative!! I am linking to this post and some others, and I’m hoping you don’t mind. 🙂

  5. Wow. Can I just say THANK YOU!!!!????!!!!! The coffee cup cozy came at just the right time. I was needing something for my daughter’s ballet teacher and that was perfect! To give it, I tucked a gift certificate to the coffee shop that is 2 doors down from the dance studio into an empty coffee cup, put the cozy on and arranged it all with tissue paper in a gift bag. It was perfect. Thank you. I love all your ideas!

  6. I made four steno pad covers today! My mother is 80 and has everything … twice. So for Christmas this year I decided to make her a box full of gifts (aprons, your note book covers, embellished tea towels, etc.) that she can go to when her friends have birthdays throughout the year.

    What fun! I sure enjoy looking at your blog.

  7. Thanks Cindy for featuring my lanyard tutorial! You’re the best!!! Can’t wait to try your steno-pad cover. WAY CUTE!!!!

    xoxo, Tracey

  8. Hey, thanks for putting my Coffee Cozy tutorial on here! That was a nice Monday surprise! I just whipped up 32 of these for little gifts (including teachers!)

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