This layered Fourth of July drink will wow and amaze your guests. It is a festive drink that kids will love to help make! It will even teach them a little bit about science.

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red white and blue layerd drink
The drink is made by layering drinks with different amounts of sugar. The bottom layer must have the most sugar and the final layer the least. We found Sobe Pina Colada made a great first layer, Sunny D Orange Strawberry the next and end with low calorie Gatorade G2. When deciding on the drinks make sure you are comparing the same amount of grams.

layered drink ingredients

Fill glass with ice, slowly pour the Sobe Pina Colada to fill the glass about 1/3 full. Slowly pour the Sunny D over the ice creating a nice red layer. Finish off with the low calorie Gatorade.
how to make a layered drink

Add a simple garnish of watermelon star shapes cut with a star cookie cutter and blueberries on a skewer and you have a festive drink for the Fourth of July.

red white and blue layered drink


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