It’s time to think about your Halloween Party game line-up and I’ve got a super fun Left Right Pumpkin Passing game for you to use! It is easy to set up and kids will love it because they all end up with CANDY!

A story about Little Boo that is also a Left Right Passing game, by Skip to my Lou.
Sweet story of Little Boo

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Everyone is a winner in this free printable Halloween left right game. Tailor the treat for the age group. Left Right passing games are always funny and the more silly and sloppy things get, the better!

Free Printable copy of the story of Little Boo, Pumpkin Passing Game, by Skip to my Lou.
Click for your color copy of The Story of Little Boo

What you need to play the Left Right Pumpkin Passing Game

Decide who the players will be and determine the best treats for them. Hands melt chocolate, so I would have the players pass something that will not melt!

For little kids, I might purchase a sleeve or two of ornamental mini pumpkins so each kiddo can pass a real mini pumpkin during the game. Then for older kids, I might find a little plastic pumpkin or witch’s cauldron to pass.

  • You will need to download the pdf file and make a copy of the Pumpkin Passing Game Story for the Storyteller.
  • A Storyteller who can be fun and animated as they read, emphasizing the Lefts and Rights.
  • Treats to fill the plastic pumpkins, cauldrons, or their Trick-or-Treat bags.
  • An area where players can sit comfortably in a circle and hear the storyteller.
Use this Left Right Passing game at your Halloween Party!

Download Left Right Pumpkin Passing Game

Suggestions and Options

The narrator of the story is Luna, the moon. So, it would be fun for the room to be dark, and someone shine a flashlight on the Storyteller to illuminate them.

This activity could also be used like a Hot Potato game, or Hot Pumpkin game. One pumpkin could be passed left and right as the story proceeds. At the end of the story, the one holding the pumpkin picks their treat first.

Or this game could be played like Musical Chairs/Musical Pumpkins. The Storyteller could pick places to stop during the story and whoever is holding the pumpkin is out. The last person left choses their treat first.

Let me know in the comments the way you played this at your party!

Free Printable copy of the story of Little Boo, Pumpkin Passing Game, by Skip to my Lou.

Before you Go

Thank you for stopping by to check out my newest left right passing game. I’m here for making your Halloween party or Halloween night the most fun ever, so I’ve included more ideas below. So, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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  • Toilet paper mummy treat containers are the cutest things ever. If you have a stash of empty toilet paper rolls, all you need are wiggley eyes and a little bit of toilet paper to make adorable mummies.
  • Lots of ideas for Halloween games right here.

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