Our Let’s Mingle Game is a cool icebreaker game for small groups or large groups of people. Play it at a New Year’s Eve party, Bridal Shower, or as a Team Building activity at work or church!

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Breaking the ice, even with a smaller group, can be stressful. Use this fun party game as a conversation starter and to encourage mingling! So put down your devices, include the kids in this card game, and have fun guessing which statement goes with which guest!

Can you find who….

  • shares the same birthday month
  • has a dog or a cat
  • is wearing your favorite color
  • speaks more than one language
  • has the same hobby as you
  • watches the same TV show as you
  • plays a musical instrument
  • is left-handed
  • is the youngest child
  • has traveled to Europe

How to Play Let’s Mingle

  • Print this ice breaker game on card stock.
  • Pass out 1 question card and something to write with to each guest.
  • Give a time limit for guests to find a match to all 10 questions. ( Speed dating only allows 3 minutes per “date”, so to encourage mingling kids and adults may need at least 10 minutes!)
  • Answers may be written by the person asking the question or the person answering the question. (If you have a difficult name to spell, or if you are playing with younger kids who may not know how to spell more complicated names, let everyone write their own name.)
  • Complete each of the 10 questions with a different name to win. (If there are less than 11 people, use names more than once.)
  • Ask guests to tell everyone more about their European travels, foreign languages, hobbies and pets to keep the party going!

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There is actual research showing the benefits of playing together as well as how laughter heals! (Just in case you needed evidence that playing games is good for you!)

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