A great way for kids to get started writing letters is by using this free letter template for kids – just download and print out the writing paper for kids.

Encourage good manners and gratitude with this thank you letter template for kids. It is super cute and fun for kids to fill out.

Handwritten letters have a charm of their own. Handwriting is also much more personal-looking than typing on the computer screen and this free printable letter makes it easy.

Whether the recipient is a family member, friend, or even a stranger, sending a letter can give an extra touch of joy can make someone’s day!

How to Use This Letter Template for Kids

A great way for kids to get started writing letters is by using this free letter template for kids – just click the link below the picture above, download and print out the template and you’re ready to go!

How to Write a Friendly Letter

Use this free letter writing template for kids as a fun activity to teach them how to write a real-life letter. Letter writing has become a bit uncommon and your child may view writing as a chore, but it’s great practice for learning how to communicate in the future. They will also be thrilled when they receive a letter.

The 5 Parts of a Letter

There are several ways that parents can encourage their children’s creativity and literacy skills. Getting creative with writing is something you may want to try out together. It can be a great way to learn about what is happening in a child’s life while talking about what to write about.

The instructions are simple. With a few easy prompts, they will have a letter sent off in no time. Here are some basic letter writing for kids tips and how to use this letter template.

Here’s the friendly letter format.

  1. The date is written on the line in the upper right corner
  2. The recipients name after the greeting.
  3. The body of the friendly letter is what you have to say, or questions that you would like answered. It can be one paragraph or many paragraphs and should have an intro greeting like “How are you?”, followed by news about yourself– each subject being discussed gets it’s own paragraph.
  4. The closing of the letter goes near the bottom of the page, after the body of the letter. Our template uses Sincerely, but Your Friend, Yours Truly, Take Care ect,. all work.
  5. Add your signature after the closing.

I am hoping you will find this children’s writing paper helpful!

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