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One of my favorite memories of school, is a Valentine’s party my mother led in my classroom around 2nd grade. Way back before computers, my mother agonized over making Conversation Heart Bingo cards for the class – using only the colors of the cards. From what I remember – they were awesome. It’s that memory that has inspired this wonderful set. Rather than using the colors of hearts, this set uses the numerous phrases found on Brach’s Classic Conversation hearts. (Yes, I bought a bag, and looked at every single candy until I had a list of all of the phrases. ;D ) So, all you have to do is pull candies out of the bag to play! This free printable include 10 unique cards, each with a free space in the middle and a calling cards. They print 2 on a page and are perfect for classrooms and parties! (Maybe even adults too!) Download the printable here.

Love Bingo Cards with heart candies


IMG_7867 copy IMG_7862 copy IMG_7860 copy
IMG_7859 copy IMG_7865 copy IMG_7866 copy


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  1. Hello,
    This was an appropriate activity for the groups that I facilitate at the hospital where I work. I try to be encouraging and up-lifting for the patients. It is and adult psych-behavioral unit.

    Thanks you

  2. Thank you so much for these! I love them and plan to use them at a youth church function on Wednesday! Yahoo! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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