Today my friends and I did our annual lunch for our children’s teachers in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. This year I used the McDonald’s drink carriers for the containers. I saw this great tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets about adhering napkins to card-stock to make greeting cards.  I thought it would be a fun way to embellish the drink carriers.


I peeled the napkin apart so it was only one-ply.


Sandwich a piece of plastic wrap between the napkin and the cardboard container.


Using a plain white piece of paper as a pressing cloth iron on medium high setting.  Hold iron 10 – 15 seconds. Check to make sure it has adhered to the cardboard–if not iron again until fully adhered. I also stuck a piece of white paper in the opening of the container to keep from ironing the container shut.


Iron the excess on each side to the back.


Iron another piece to the back


It will look like this.


Trim off all excess on sides and bottom.  I also cut out the notch on the top sides.


I added a bit of ribbon and then used a matching napkin to wrap up the pink plastic silverware.


We filled the containers with a chicken salad sandwich, a container of pasta salad, fruit, water and a brownie.

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  1. I love this idea!!! Can I use one of your finished pictures to post about this?

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