It is freezing cold today here where I live and nothing sounds better than a warm bowl of soup.  Would you please share your best soup recipe?

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  1. Do you ever say ahead of time what the Monday theme will be? I’d love to join but need time to prep a post!

  2. I just found your site and think I shall enjoy your “Made by You Mondays”. I have lots of recipes to share on
    Looking forward to more “Mondays”!
    Would love for any interested folks to follow my blog – everyone is welcome!
    I will be listing this blog on mine….

  3. There are too many to try all at once, and I am really looking forward to trying some of them so I hope the link will stay here for a while. LOL

  4. Thanks for hosting, we LOVE soup in our family.
    So sorry I posted a coffee cake recipe, I did not read your post correctly the first time! Feel free to delete! Whoops…

  5. Hmmm you have set me a challenge!!! I cannot believe I have never made soup on our blog!!! NEVER!!! I mentioned it in a book review once. My kids will eat any vegetable soup as long as I toss two handfuls of frozen peas into it and blend it. Pea Soup of course (absolutely nothing else – wink, wink!!!). I am now off to read my way through the soup recipes!!!

  6. Great theme for today!! I NEED some hot soup right now! I am freezing my Bahoonkas off! I’m linking up!
    Mama Holli

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