Do you have a preschooler that is totally interested in make-up? This printable makeup face activity will be a hit! Just print and let your child apply makeup to the paper instead of their face. Well, I am sure a little bit will end up on their face too. Just like us!

I have more printable crafts for preschoolers.  Have you seen out paper chick activity and darling paper plate crab?

child holding make up face printable

Makeup Face Activity Supplies

  • Makeup (perfect use to those bits of makeup you don’t use anymore)
  • Copy Paper
  • Printer
  • Glue (optional – adding hair)
  • Yarn (optional – if adding hair)
  • Markers and or crayons for extra details

free printable make up face with make up around edge sitting on table

Free Printable Face Template

Download the printable face template. Print on white copy paper in black and white.

Download—-> Face Template

free printable face for make up activity

This is another open ended preschool activity that allows kids to try out all types of materials. The sky is the limit to what they can create. This activity allows kids to explore, try new things and do things for themselves…… on paper and limits makeup on faces, hands, and walls!

child putting make up on printable face

Of course, we had to try out a bit of lipstick! We had fun playing with makeup and making silly faces! We know you will too!

child wearing make up making silly face

This was a great activity to mix things up a bit. You don’t always have to use traditional supplies for creative play! Have you seen how many fun things can be made right from your pantry? I have compiled a long list of Pantry Crafts you can make.

More Fun Kids Crafts and Activities

Here is a mix of indoor and outside activities to enjoy with your little ones.



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  1. This is so fun for kids! I love that it let’s them express themselves and play with makeup.

  2. I love the yarn hair. Super cute and easy craft idea for kiddos. thanks for the printable.

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