Let’s get ready to do some mandala coloring with these free printable pages to color!  Coloring is a great anti-stress activity for adults and children. Like meditation., coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts.

Studies have shown that the simple activity of coloring can lower heart rate and restore calm. If you love these free mandala coloring pages, we have more for you to explore! Be sure to check out these other therapeutic mandala coloring sheets. You will enjoy many more of our designs.

free printable mandala coloring pages

What is a mandala?

The word mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translated means “circle” and it is often a circular design enclosing a square or other geometric shapes that are used chiefly as an aid to meditation.
In various spiritual traditions, they may be used as objects of meditation, and the symbol represents the universe or holistic expression of the world and inner peace.
Tibetan Buddhists, Native Americans, Celtic, and Hindu cultures are among those that employ intricate circle designs in their spiritual art, like sand painting. Mandalas are employed for focusing attention and as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space.

We possibly owe the re-introduction of mandalas into modern Western thought to Carl Jung. He was a Swiss psychologist who pioneered the exploration of the unconscious through his own art making.

Jung recognized that the urge to create mandalas emerges during moments of intense personal growth. Their appearance indicates a profound re-balancing process is underway in the psyche. The result of the process is a more complex and better-integrated personality.

By pairing the powerful benefit of coloring with these spiritual designs, you might be able to stabilize,  re-order, and bring some peace to your own life.

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages

Get ready to color! These printable mandala patterns give you loads to color. The designs might seem intricate but that is the point. Take your time, relax and enjoy the process.

Download all the pages and you can make your own coloring book. Some are more simple and easy for beginners, and some are more detailed and difficult for advanced coloring. All of these abstract designs are beautiful, full-page, and free!

Are you ready to print and color? Grab some colored pencils and click the links above each image to download.

Mandala 11


Mandala 12


Mandala 13

Mandala Download

Mandala 14


Mandala 15


Mandala 16


Mandala 17


Mandala 18


Mandala 19


Mandala 12


Mandala 31

supplies for coloring pages

More Coloring Pages

Coloring isn’t just for kids! Adult coloring is a relaxing and beneficial activity. Children, teenagers, and adults can all benefit from the calming act of coloring. Coloring has recently become more popular among adults because it acts as a therapy and stress release.

Abstract designs incorporating mandala flowers, lotus blossoms, animals, or other mandala designs are especially well-liked – and we have many different kinds of coloring pages for you! For more enjoyable coloring, check out these coloring pages for teenagers. We love to use markers to create framable art from these personal mandala coloring pages.

You might also like these heart coloring pages for Valentine’s Day or any day.

Drawing is another creative stress relieving activity. Check out these cute things to draw.

If you’ve used these coloring pages or any others on my blog, please let me know what you thought in the comments below! I love hearing from you! You can also FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and PINTEREST to see more crafty ideas and what I’m getting up to.

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  1. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for all of us..They are beautiful. I know I will have a great time coloring them. I can remember as a kid, my coloring books were my prized possessions. And now I get to do it again. Thank you so much – – – it is much appreciated. Many Blessings to you.

  2. These are great, a great variety of wide spaces to color to more intricate designs. I remember taking my protractor and trying to create this design before this design even had a name. Such a great memory.

  3. Dear Cindy, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to download so many of your wonderful free printables, I’m so appreciative! What a great variety you offer too! Again, many thanks.

  4. These are great, a great variety of wide spaces to color to more intricate designs. I remember taking my protractor and trying to create this design before this design even had a name. Such a great memory. Thank you. Blessings from Port Huron, Michigan.

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