Here is everything you need to know to make a marshmallow shooter (or marshmallow gun). What a blast! Do you often wonder how to keep the kids entertained?  Well, you don’t need to look any further than your sprinkler supply box (or hardware store) for some super fun.

Grab some extra PVC pipe, because you will want to also make this cool bow and arrow. And here are some other fun PVC toys to make.

marshmallow shooter

Marshmallow Shooter

Split, splat, splodge…

It’s a marshmallow shooter to the rescue!

Marshmallow shooters are a riot for the entire family. They are great backyard fun and perfect for a birthday party or any outdoor summer party. Have a distance shooting contest – we’ve seen them go 20 feet or more. Or a see who can hit a target with the most accuracy.

marshmallow gun

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to eat a few!


Marshmallow Shooter Supplies

marshmallow shooter supplies

Here’s what you need to make these easy marshmallow shooters:

  •  PVC pipe cutter or a hacksaw
  • 1/2″ wide PVC pipe cut as follows

2 x 2″ length of pipe

2 x 3″ length of pipe

1 x 4″ length of pipe

  • 1/2″ wide connectors as follows (make sure to buy smooth not threaded connectors)

1 x “T” joint

2 x elbow joints

1 x end cap

1 x straight connector

  • sandpaper
  • mini marshmallows

How to make a marshmallow shooter

Making a Marshmallow Shooter couldn’t be easier. In fact, once an adult cuts the sprinkler pipe, the kids can assemble the shooters themselves. My kids love to play with the pieces, creating new configurations.

Carefully sand the end of one of your 2″ lengths of pipe. Make it nice and smooth as this will be your mouth piece.

To put your shooter together working from left to right:

  1. Connect the other end of your 2″ length of pipe into an elbow joint.
  2. Slide the 2″ section of pipe into the other side to connect.
  3. Next comes the other elbow.
  4. Then connect a 3″ section.
  5. Connect the “T”.
  6. At the bottom of the “T,” connect the next 3″ section and then the end cap. That will be your handle.
  7. Connect the 4″ section of pipe to the “T”.
  8. Then connect the straight section to the end of the Shooter.

You’re all done. Your shooter should look like this:

how to make a marshmallow shooter

Marshmallow Gun

To play with the marshmallow gun, simply place a mini marshmallow into the mouth end of the Shooter. Yes, I said mouth end. The marshmallow will travel all the way through the pipe and shoot out the other end!

Once you’ve got it loaded, take aim.

Now blow.

And shoot to your heart’s content.

You might want to watch for a sale on mini marshmallows….

If you’re lucky, there’s no clean up necessary.

I hope you love this PVC Marshmallow gun.  If you’re looking for more play ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few more ways that we have fun at our house. Have you ever made oobleck? Your kids will squeal with delight at this weird concoction. We also know just about all there is to know about how to make slime at our house. And you might also like this how to make Gak recipe, it’s a borax free slime.


A word to the wise: Please supervise your children with this activity. No shooting at people or animals! Don’t worry, there still plenty of fun to aim for! Try setting up targets or a bucket to shoot toward, or have a contest to see who can shoot their marshmallow gun the farthest.


Thank you to the ever resourceful and sweet Calli from Make It Do  for this awesome Marshmallow Gun tutorial! For more wonderful ideas please be sure to visit her site.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I tried to research is PVC is toxic. I actually saw different opinions. This was on Today’s Homeowner.
    Plastic pipe such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride, used for cold water only), and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, used for both hot and cold water) have been around for years, and both are approved for use with drinking water. … Safety issues are mainly considered a concern in PVC pipe that was manufactured before 1977.

    I think the exposure is brief with this marshmallow gun. I am thinking to be safe why not wrap the piece that comes in contact with the mouth with tape or fabric. I hope this helps.

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