Mason Jar Crafts are a quick and easy project — there are so many fun craft ideas out there you can use to transform glass mason jars! We’ve rounded up the cutest home decor ideas to add a rustic and original touch to your kitchen, bathroom, and more.

If you love mason jars you will love this post on fall mason jars ideas to spice up your Halloween and Thanksgiving. That’s not all! Here are more ways to make a treat with these 18 gifts in a jar – they make great homemade gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or any special holiday!

Mason Jar Crafts

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What can you do with little glass jars? Just about anything! Give your kitchen some style with Mason Jar Soap Dispensers! They’re inexpensive to make, and bring the perfect vintage touch to your counter space. I love how clean and simple they look.

mason jar soap dispenser


This Mason jar pin cushion makes the perfect little gift for a sewing friend. This DIY mason jar is so simple to put together, especially if you already have a surplus of sewing supplies. With a pin cushion lid and coordinating ribbon and tag, let them know they really measure up with this cute sewing kit in a jar!

mason jar sewing kit

DIY Oil Lamps. Make gorgeous oil lamps from mason jars and glass bottles. These are much safer than candles, and you can make them in about two minutes using vegetable oils, essential oils, and water! There are so many gorgeous variations on these rustic lights on Pinterest to give you creative inspiration for an outdoor wedding, summer dinner party, and more.
mason jar oil lanterns
Utensil Caddy: Picnics and porch dinners will be so much easier, and more charming, with these painted mason jars made into flatware holders. In this tutorial, the jars are painted with a chalky craft paint and then fitted neatly in a row into a wood caddy created from a planter box.
Mason jar utensil holder

This is the perfect DIY Project. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and accessories. These mason jars are so easy to paint and put together and make such a fun statement! I love the mix-and-match approach of using different sized jars – coordinated and stylish, they are useful too!

Picture Frame Vase. Grab your favorite flowers and display your favorite family photo in this brightly colored frame that doubles as a mason jar vase to hold seasonal blooms. This makes such a lovely handmade gift for a grandparent.

mason jar frame vase

I love this idea. Glitter Mason Jar Pencil jar is a perfect craft project to do with kids for their teacher. These make wonderful teacher gifts to help keep their classrooms tidy.

Mason jar crafts

Air Freshener. This shabby chic craft may look like a vase, but it’s actually full of air freshener beads underneath the artificial flowers. Your home will be sweet smelling in no time with this genius idea!  Who would ever know with this pretty blue mason jar? What a pretty flower vase for a living room too. Certainly a simple way to brighten up a coffee table.
mason jar craft ideas

What can you do with old jam jars? Here is an adorable way to organize and keep track of your spices. These Chalkboard Spice Jars are easy to make and will really keep your storage space organized. Old jam jars or small jelly jars are perfect and fit right inside a kitchen drawer.

chalkboard spice jars

Colorful Cups. Forgo your usual glassware for a more colorful option at your next barbecue or summer party. Simply cut balloons in half and pull them over the bottom of your jars! Could you possibly coordinate better with a bunch of birthday balloons than by trying this trick?

Glitter Gold Mason Jars are a sparkly way to decorate and make things look special. Go glam on your desk or bedside table! This is another great disguise for an air freshener.

glitter gold mason jars

Mason Jar Utensil Holder. Making this utensil holder is so easy and so cute. Just use a bit of twine, burlap, cloth and a unique button or two! This would make such a great housewarming gift.

Mason jar utensil holder

This Monogrammed Ball Drinking Glass is a fun thing to gift a teacher. It is an easy mason jar project your kids can put together for teacher appreciation day! You can bring it in filled with candy for extra points — What do you fill jars with?


Spread some mason jar crafts love! Look how spray paint transforms these jars. Learn the best paint to use on glass with this easy tutorial and tips here. These golden beauties take mason jar decor to a new level.

gold spray painted mason jars with coral flowers

Have you ever heard of mason jar chandeliers? This is such a clever way to use mason jars. I’ve seen cool mason jar light fixtures in restaurants and bars, but never realized how easy they are to make at home with a few basic supplies and old-fashioned Edison light bulbs.


These mason jar snow globes are so creative and are a unique way to gift a sugar scrub or body butter for Christmas! I love the use of cute decorations to create a snow globe effect on top.

mason jar snow globe

Make these mason jar solar lights for your next garden party. These step by step instructions are really simple. This is a brilliant spin on making a jar luminary. Mason jar crafts with lights are all the rage right now, and the amazing results of projects like these are the reason why.

Mason jar solar lights

How about hanging tea light holders. So simple and yet would be so pretty hanging from the trees in the evening.

hanging tea light holder

Making your own mason jar lights can add a rustic flair to your home. I promise you won’t be disappointed with how easy and beautiful these are. The results are simply magical by just using string lights.

mason jar lights

Do you have any great ideas for re-using old jam jars, or transforming your home decor with mason jar crafts? What do you put inside a mason jar? Share your creations with us in the comments!

If you like projects that come together quickly and use common items in uncommon new ways, we have so many fun ideas for you!

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  2. Thank you for all of these fabulous Mason jar ideas!! We use them all the time and love how versatile they are. Adore these fun craft ideas!

  3. Mason jar crafts are seriously the best!! I try to keep jars on hand just for gifts! Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  4. You can turn your mason jars into gorgeous snow globes. All you have to do is empty the mason jar, and fill it with fake snow, glitter and plastic ornaments. Lastly, glue the toy mistletoe on the top of the lid, and screw it back on. If you are looking for mason jars of different sizes, head over to Premium Vials we offer wide range of mason jar mugs.

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