Let’s say “Thank You” to our teachers with this Mason jar gift craft you and your kids can make together! Whether it’s Kindergarten or High School, help them show appreciation with a gift their teachers will enjoy!

Finished single Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog with white background
Give a Thank You Mason jar with goodies for your favorite teacher!

Making the Thank you Mason

Although I’ve not jumped on the Mason Jar gift bandwagon before, as popular as they are, I thought it would be a fun container for all of the little goodies I’d grabbed for the boy’s teachers. 

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Mason jars are truly a multipurpose item. This craft is pretty quick to put together and quite easy as well. Your kids, of any age really, can help choose the decorations and colors. Get them involved in the greatness of gratitude.

Materials Needed

  • Mason jar (pint or larger)
  • Candy (any treats you’d like to give)
  • Duck tape Color Duckling mini rolls (your choice of style)
  • Adhesive backed fabric paper
  • Pom-Pom Trim
  • Printable “A-Mason” tag

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Let’s get Started

  • First I stuffed the bottom of the jar with some fun little Duck Tape Duckling rolls, candy, and a couple of gift cards.
A-Mason thank you gift by @snapconf for teacher appreciation week
  • Before popping the lid on, I wanted to create a cute cover. I pulled out some adhesive-backed fabric paper and cut a circle the size of the jar’s lid.
  • Once the circle is cut, it was as simple as peeling off the backing and sticking it to the lid.
Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog
Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog

Such a simple thing, but the fabric/paper really finishes the jar off so that it looks nice.

  • Now wrap and tie your choice of pom-pom trim around the mouth of the jar just below the lid. I couldn’t just leave the jar plain, so I snagged some of the pom-pom trim I have been hoarding in my stash and tied it around the top of the jar.
Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog
Really? Is there anything better than pom-poms?
Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog
  • Add a little printable “You’re A-Mason” card. It’s sort of the finishing touch. It’s not just a jar. It’s an A-Mason jar!
Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog
Mason Jar Thank You Gift via @snapconf for @skiptomyloublog
Your finished product!

Finally all done! So simple and really fun!

Tell us how you decorated your Thank You mason jar! Did you fill it with anything different? We’d love to hear about it!

Teacher Appreciation

As it would be, Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. Through all of April I am excited to share some amazing ideas from some of the most wonderful bloggers for my Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas series! It’s a great month! You will be totally prepared with ideas to thank your teachers!

Teacher appreciation always seems to sneak up on me, so I am grateful to be participating in Cindy’s annual teacher appreciation series, therefore I am sharing my simple Mason Jar thank you gift for teacher.

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About the author

Now that you’ve gone through the craft above, let me introduce myself! I’m Tauni. I run a fun conference for people who make stuff, called Snap. We just wrapped up our fourth annual conference this past weekend.

Here are some photos from the fun…

Snap Conference Overview via @snapconf

Running a conference in the spring is great…EXCEPT, it puts me behind on some of the little things like laundry, grocery shopping and keeping up with the kids school. Every year, I am looking for an EASY teacher appreciation idea that I can put together at the last minute. Enter, the Mason Jar thank you.

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