Michael’s Arts & Crafts challenged me to decorate a Christmas tree for their Holiday Dream Tree Challenge.  At first the aisles upon aisles of decorations can be a bit overwhelming, but Michael’s has set it up so there are themes and color coordinated items to make the decorating easier. As you can see from my  basket I went with a funky whimsical color pallet.

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

For my tree wrapping paper is the star! I found this amazing glitter wrapping paper and this fun plastic cutting tool template from Martha Stewart.  I took two eight inch squares of glitter wrapping paper and adhered them wrong sides together with spray glue. Next the square is folded in half and placed in the plastic template. Once the top is closed a special cutter slices the paper perfectly. It works like a dream.

Edges are glued together on opposite sides. I found hot glue worked the best to secure this glitter paper.

Just a few simple steps and an amazing ornament is made!

Again using wrapping paper, I made more ornaments.  I paired the glitter wrapping paper with a shiny wrapping paper.  I cut 3 inch long strips and then accordion folded the strips in one inch folds. Once the ends are attached to make a circle they make a great medallion. I stacked the paper medallions and added some silver garland and a Christmas ornament to the center with hot glue.

The wrapping paper worked great to make beautiful ornaments.

I can’t wait to revel my tree to you this week! What a fun challenge this has been!

You will be able to see my tree and other trees decorated by creative bloggers on  Facebook ,PinterestTwitter and YouTube.

Check out Michael’s Holiday Lookbook online for loads of holiday ideas. Michael’s chose four themed collections to help you get started on your holiday tree decorating!

Cedar Lodge Collection

Crystal Elegance Collection

Frankincense Collection

Jingle & Jolly Collection


My Decorated Tree

Michael’s supplied me with a Christmas tree and a gift card to purchase supplies. Thoughts and ideas are all my own.  I share my ideas here in hopes that you will be inspired to create!

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  1. Hi, I love the snowflake idea, but again I’m limited for space for storing. I viewed your tutorial and just wondering how to make this work with glitter paper. Any ideas on that would be appreciated.

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