Last year I had a download for a large bat candy bar cover. This year I  thought it would be great to have some mini bats.

It might seem overwhelming to cut them all out, but if you have a Silhouette it makes quick work of this little project. I use a Mac so I cut them from a PDF. I think if you have a PC you cut from a JPG, so I have included both versions.

Miniature Bat Candy Bar Covers PDF

Miniature Bat Candy Bar Covers JPG

Miniature Bat Candy Bar Greetings

The Silhouette cut out the bats for me. I taped the ends of the candy bar so they don’t hang out. Print the greetings on orange card stock and cut out. Next add two googly eyes, fold the wings to the center and secure with double sided tape.

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  1. Thank you very much for the candy bar
    wrappers!!! Your generosity is remarkable I will share these ideas with the grandchildren!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We are using these for our church outreach ministry. The children are in a craft ministry and they will make these for the shut-ins at the church.

  3. thank you for sharing this, do you have the template for the large one, I would be ever so grateful if you did, regards kerry

  4. I love this idea & am doing the mini candy bar bats & the ghost suckers for my sons kindergarten class. NOTE: The pic shows Hershey’s snack size bars but the template link for the bat pattern is for Hershey’s Miniatures (that comes in a variety pack w Mr Goodbar, etc). The link for the candy wraps is for the snack size bars, not the miniatures. So the 2 links really do not go together.

  5. So cute! I tend to give out a lot of candy so I think I’ll make “momma” bats and soft colored “baby” bats too! ^^

  6. CJ, just click the links in the post to download the templates. I think I used a Times font and for the script– noodle.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. I used the idea to wrap rice krispy treats for the little one’s preschool party. You can see a pic of them here: I used the bat idea but drew my own template so it would be a little easier for my girl to cut out.

  8. I hand-cut 22 of these last night….after the first few, it wasn’t so much fun (my hand was aching!) but they turned out soooo great! And my daughter was so excited to take them to school – thanks again! 🙂

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