This week I had the opportunity to make a beautiful topiary of flowers. I was sent 20 beautiful  fresh-cut Gerbera daisies from Colombia, Land of Flowers.


I also received a few simple instructions along with ribbon, floral foam, preservative, ceramic mug, moss and a rubber band. I started by gathering the daisies in my hand.


Once the daisies were gathered in my hand, I placed a rubber band around the stems.


This simple trick of using a rubber band to secure the daisies made a beautiful topiary.


I trimmed the stems off even at the bottom so they were about 12 inches long. I held the stems firmly and pushed them into floral foam that had been soaked in flower preservative and placed into a mug. I finished it off with a ribbon and some moss to cover the floral foam.


I was  shocked at how easy it was to create such an amazing display.  I had never made anything like this. It was fun to be able to create something so beautiful with so little effort. Everything I needed was provided and the directions were so simple and clear.


From getting a box in the mail to being empowered to create an amazing display this experience was a special treat.  The flowers are lovely and bring such a happy atmosphere to my home. I love walking into my room and seeing the beautiful flowers. They catch my attention and make my heart do a little dance!  I do hope mommy gets flowers for Mother’s Day (hint hint)!—and I hope you get flowers too!

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  1. Hi, I check your blog daily. Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Wow! How I wish someone can give me flowers too for my birthday, I rarely receive rose 🙁 Thank you for sharing the lovely flowers! I really enjoyed looking at it

  3. I am totally making this for my special “mothers” this weekend!
    Love, love, love it!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Wish I had more disposable fund for flowers.

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