Need something to hold your child’s Valentine’s Day cards? This Monster Valentine Box is the perfect cardholder, plus you can create yours in a variety of ways with these printables!

If you have a unicorn lover she might love this magical Unicorn Valentine Box.  Still, looking for more? No worries we have found loads of Valentines Boxes Ideas for you.

Valentines Day Monster Box DIY


Valentines Day card boxes are a fun way to get your child’s creativity flowing all while getting excited about Valentine’s Day. Use these free printables below or feel free to add more embellishments to the monster box!

Monster Valentine Box Supplies:

You could even add more pipe cleaners topped with pom poms and googly eyes.

How to Make a Monster Valentine Box

First, print out all the printables you’d like to use for your Monster.

Monster Valentines Box

On the back of your scrapbook paper, trace each side of your shoebox (the backside is optional) so you’ll know how big each side needs to be when you glue the paper onto the shoe box. Once all the sides have been traced, cut each of them out.

Monster Box for Valentines Day

Glue each scrapbook paper side onto the box with Modge Podge.

Monster Valentine Box DIY

Next, you’ll want to place the monster’s teeth close together on the front of the box like pictured above and trace the edges. This will give you a visual of how big your hole should be for the monster’s mouth. Depending on what size box you use, you may need to trim the teeth on the edges. Make sure you leave enough room to glue the teeth on the inside of the box.

DIY Monster Box

Use a box cutter to cut out the line you traced to make your monster’s mouth.

box covered with heart paper no eyes added yet

Apply Modge Podge and carefully glue your monster’s teeth in place on the inside of the box.

For the eyes, you’ll need 2 pipe cleaners. I folded each one in half and twisted them to make them a little stronger to hold the eyes up. Glue or tape them on the back of the monster’s eyes.

Monster Box Valentines Day

Make two slits with your box cutter at the top of your box for your pipe cleaners. You may need to wiggle your box cutter a little to make the holes wider in order to get the pipe cleaners through.

Valentines Day Monster Box

Place the pipe cleaners into the slits on the top of the box, and your monster is ready to collect your child’s cute Valentines!

Monster Valentine box

Now you just need matching monster Valentines! Try these….

Printable Monster Valentines

Monster Valentine Printables

Printable Valentine Cards

printable valentines

Here are some fun Valentines Day ideas.

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