My Moose Coloring Pages offer a peek into the life of the largest member of the deer family and an opportunity to learn about these magnificent land mammals. Did you know the male moose sheds his antlers every year?

Make these free coloring pages into a moose coloring book to create a Science/Social Studies lesson for kids of all ages! With that in mind, I’ve created a drawing tutorial about sharks which are another subject of fascination: How to Draw a Shark., check it out!

Download Free Printable Moose Coloring Pages

cute moose coloring page
Forest habitats are homes for some moose.
moose coloring page large antlers
Bull Moose showing off impressive antlers
mature moose coloring page
Moose hear and smell well, but they don’t have great eyesight.
moose coloring page
moose coloring page realistic
Realistic Moose Coloring Page

Wild about Wildlife

While enjoying these moose coloring pages, here are some facts about these curious creatures. I think these facts are really interesting for toddlers to preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and beyond.

  • Moose eat plants, fruits, berries, and aquatic plants, so they are herbivores.
  • A male moose is called a bull. A female moose is called a cow and a baby moose is called a calf.
  • Moose live in the arctic and subarctic climates of Canada, the Northeastern and Northwestern US, Poland, Finland, and Russia.
  • Specifically, moose habitats include thick forests, mountain ranges, valleys, and bogs as long as there is a water source where they can feed and cool down.
  • There are 4 types of moose: Alaskan/Ukon Moose, Western Moose, Eastern Moose, and Shiras Moose.
  • The average weight of a bull moose is 900 pounds or 408 kg. His antlers can reach 6 1/2 feet wide and he sheds and re-grows them every year!
  • Moose are the largest members of the deer family which also includes Elk.
  • The hooves on a moose are designed to help them walk through water, mud, on mountains and everywhere in between.

supplies for moose coloring pages

Coloring Ideas and Inspirations

Grab your favorite colors and get busy!

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