I am totally shocked, humbled, honored and thrilled! I have been named Mother of the Year! You can see  for yourself right here.


Okay, Okay this is a “plug your name in here”  video , created by MomsRising.org.


You can have some fun and honor your favorite Mom for Mother’s Day by going here .


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  1. Funny…when I saw this headline..I have to say that I was like, “how do they come up with how one Mother is better than the next? I mean..we all work hard to be the best!” The video is perfect for my reaction. Now, I can be mother of the year, too!

  2. My sister sent this to me on Friday. I loved it! It was the laugh I needed the bay is too cute.

  3. Thanks for posting the video! Glad you enjoyed it!

    Anita, MomsRising.org

  4. Congratulations on the Mother of the Year award……ok so you “nominated” yourself – but hey I BET you deserved it!

  5. As a child, my favorite books were the World Book Family Craft books. Your blog is like a technological update of that series! Thanks so much for the cool ideas! I created a link to your May Day archive from my Austrian blog (www.meinekleine.at/gastspiel). I hope that’s o.k.! Keep up the great work. JKS

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