Check out these Mummy Treat Containers, They are a super easy Halloween craft. This was meant to be a “last minute” craft idea in case you needed something quickand easy. However, I wonder how many people save toilet paper rolls like me?  How last minute can it be if you need a slew of toilet papers rolls?  So if you are my kindred spirit and have your toilet paper rolls waiting for that perfect craft here it goes. It is really so simple it doesn’t need instructions.

Fill your toilet paper roll with treats. Wrap white crepe paper from a roll around the toilet paper holder to keep your goodies in (at least three times around).  Glue two eyes on the front.

Now fold the crepe paper in half and begin wrapping your mummy

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  1. Since I don’t have the toilet paper rolls I am using full pop cans to take to scout meeting. Anything that is round will work for this.

  2. These are super cute!!! My daughter is a daycare teacher and I’m sure she will love to have her kids make these!! Thank You so much for sharing!!

  3. Too cute! My hubby didn’t know I was saving the TP rolls and recently threw them out…I am creating a new stash as we speak and just bought googly eyes yesterday cause I saw them and keep forgetting to get them for my kids craft projects stash. I am set to go…thanks for sharing and giving us time to save up our rolls. 🙂

  4. I just had a wrapping paper tube that I was wondering how I could use. I think I will cut it down and make mummies for my son’s birthday party favors.

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