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I have to share my favorite things with you. First of all, I have to say I only know about these items because every year for my birthday and Christmas my amazing assistant gifts me with something AMAZING.  She knows I would never treat myself to these items so it is a very special treat.  So far she has been right on!

My Favorite Things

my favorite things

Pajamas – So silky soft. You never want to take these off!  In fact, on my latest blogger retreat, I took these along and the girls loved them! They all ordered a pair!

favorite things

Flip Flops

These are like walking on a cloud.  I could walk a million miles in these shoes, The comfort pad really makes such a difference when I am on my feet all day!

flip flops

Hair Dryer

Laura gave me this hair dryer to give me the gift of time. It works. This hair dryer drys my hair so quickly! You won’t believe the difference.

hair dryer

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

I am not quite sure how I ever lived without this. I am not the best at styling my hair and this hot air brush is AMAZING!

Amope Callous Remover

The Amope is something every girl needs. Keep your feet feeling soft and callus-free with this genius tool! I use it year-round. Everyone needs one of these.

foot file


Thousands of people agree with me that this mascara is the bomb! Just read the reviews.

Old Whaling Body Butter

I rarely put scented lotions on my body because I try to limit chemicals but this is my one exception because it is so wonderful! It is thick, rich, and smells divine. My favorite scents are floral so I love the lavender and the magnolia. My friends that aren’t floral fans like coastal calm and oat milk and honey. The bath bombs are also really great. See everything they offer on their website.

The Tile

I never even knew something like the Tile existed but it is like it was invented just for me. I can never find my keys! This little tile does the trick, simply attach it to your keys (or anything else you tend to misplace) and it will make your keys (or anything else) very easy to find!


This Hydro Flask really does keep water cold. In fact, ice will stay 24 hours. I love the straw lid!

hydro flask

This little Yeti is how I travel with coffee. It keeps it piping hot for HOURS.

yeti coffee tumbler

You will always find an essential oil diffuser going at my house. I feel it helps the overall mood of my home and overall wellbeing! Everyone needs one. Essential Oils have made a huge difference for my family. You can learn more here! I love this big diffuser that holds a ton of water it goes forever without needing to be refilled.


We love this candle and scent from Bath & Body Works

Another Favorite Thing

Making people feel loved and valued!

Thoughtful gift-giving makes the gift meaningful. I love making handmade gifts!

Want to make someone smile and brighten their day?

Send a Box of Sunshine

Don’t miss my post on the best care package ideas (with free printables)!

Spread kindness with these free compliments! It’s a great way to do a RAOK!

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  1. What mixer is your favorite? I’d love to know. 😊 I click on the link there is nothing there.

  2. I agree Gwen they are the MOST amazing PJ’s. I went on a retreat and all the girls were dying over them and had to buy!

  3. Ohhh. I LOVE PJs. And those look so comfy. I’m going to share your post with my hubby. Thank you 🙂

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