This Nacho Libre Valentine’s Day Card is a perfect Valentine for anyone!  I love notes better than almost any gift.   If you more valentines stationary don’t miss these Valentine Love Notes.

Don’t miss these amazing Valentines.  I have teamed up with some of the most creative bloggers to share the cutest Valentines imaginable. Each day you will be amazed with their cleverness! Don’t miss these fabulous ideas.

Welcome Carissa,

Thanks Cindy for hosting this fun Valentine’s printable series. I’m not good at keeping surprises a secret, but this Valentine’s Day I’m surprising my husband, even if it kills me. I booked a hotel, got a babysitter, made a dinner reservation, and figured out how to get him to meet me without suspecting anything! Even though I made all this effort, it doesn’t seem complete without something to give him. Since he’s not really into flowers or chocolates, I designed a Valentine’s Day card with one of his favorite movie quotes from Nacho Libre: “hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, big kiss, kiss kiss, little kiss”.



 I added a little glitter envelope and wrote him a sweet love note, which I did NOT photograph;)

 Nacho Libre Valentine's Day Card

Hopefully he loves my surprise!

 Nacho Libre Valentine's Day Card

Check out another creative Valentine to my hubby, a printable of our “song”: You and Me Printable.

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  1. It is miss spelled after little hug- if it’s suppose to say big kiss it looks like “kis kiss”

  2. Did you notice the typo on the card? Missing an ‘s’ in the kiss after little. Anyway, I was wondering if this was originally created in Adobe illustrator. If it was is the any chance you can send me thst file or put it on her for download?

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