Are you gearing up for a memorable New Year’s Eve celebration? Elevate the fun with this free printable New Year’s Eve Dice Game! This easy-to-play game promises laughter, reflection, and a whole lot of joy as you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

free printable candy dice game playing card with mini candy bars sprinkled around the edge of the card

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New Years Dice Game Supplies

Celebrate the New Year with this easy-to-play printable game that combines dice, candy, and cherished memories! Perfect for all ages, from kids to adults, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy the evening using leftover candies you likely already have at home.

  • Printable game sheet (link provided below the image)
  • Dice
  • Assorted small pieces of candy (about 3-5 per player)

How to Play

Download the digital file. Print out the game sheet or several so everyone can easily see the candy dice game rules. Gather around a table or cozy spot where everyone can join in the fun.

Place all the candy in the middle of the table.

Gameplay: Each player takes turns rolling the dice and follows the corresponding prompts based on the numbers rolled.

  1. Take two candies and share a funny thing that happened this year.
  2. Pass a candy to the left and share something exciting that happened this year.
  3. Pass a candy to the right and share something you want to learn this year.
  4. Take one candy and say something you are thankful for this year.
  5. Put one candy back and share something you are looking forward to this year.
  6. Take one candy from someone else and share your favorite thing that happened this year.

How to Win: To determine a winner, you can tally each player’s total candies at the end of a predetermined number of rounds. However, in this game, declaring a winner isn’t necessary. The goal is simply to collect candies and enjoy the fun-filled moments together!

Enjoy the Moment: Embrace the laughter, storytelling, and heartfelt moments that this game brings. It’s a wonderful way to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the upcoming year.

Free Printable New Year’s Eve Dice Game

Roll the Dice Digital Download

Make your New Year’s Eve gathering extra special with this interactive and delightful game. It’s perfect for kiddos, families, friends, or anyone looking to add a sprinkle of joy to their celebration. Download your free printable, gather your dice and candies, and get ready for a memorable evening filled with laughter and reflection!

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