A New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt is an exciting way to spice up the celebrations! You hide these printable clues around the house, and everyone gets to be a detective. It’s not just for kids – teens and grown-ups can have a blast too! A perfect way to liven up the night and welcome the new year!

fun New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt

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Free Printable New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

Setting up and playing a New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt is a breeze.

  • Print Clues: Download the PDF below and print the clues in color on white cardstock.
  • Hide the Clues: Place the clues in the various spots around the house. Be sneaky but not too tricky – you want everyone to join the fun!
  • Start the Hunt: Gather everyone together, explain the rules, and hand out the first clue. Let the scavenger hunt begin!

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt Clues

This New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt printable makes it super easy to host! The free instant digital download gives you all the clues you need!

New Year’s Eve Printable Scavenger Hunt

How to Play

Are you ready for a New Year’s Eve treasure hunt?

  • Follow the Clues: Each clue leads to the next location. As participants solve one clue, they’ll find the next clue waiting for them. Remember you can change the order of the clues and even make up your own clues to suit you.
  • Enjoy the Adventure: Watch everyone search high and low for the hidden clues. It’s all about the thrill of discovery!
  • Celebrate the Winner: The first person or team to solve all the clues and reach the end of the hunt wins! Celebrate their detective skills and revel in the excitement and a special treat for the prize.

Answer Key

Here’s a handy cheat sheet detailing the intended locations for each of the New Year’s themed clues in the hunt. Adapt them as needed to suit your family’s setting and have a blast!

  • Clue 1 (Refrigerator):
    Where food is chilled, you’ll understand, Your clue’s hiding where veggies stand!
  • Clue 2 (Inside a Shoe):
    In a place for feet, left and right, Your clue’s hiding, out of sight, for this festive night!
  • Clue 3 (Treat in Freezer):
    Where ice is like magic, oh so neat, Your clue’s hiding where cold things meet, for a New Year’s Eve treat!
  • Clue 4 (Under Couch Cushion):
    Beneath a cushion where comfort’s in sight, Your clue’s hidden, snug and tight!
  • Clue 5 (Bathroom Shower):
    Where running water makes its way, Your clue’s tucked where you scrub away!
  • Clue 6 (Coat Pocket):
    In a pocket snug, where coats abound, Seek your clue where warmth is found!
  • Clue 7 (Where you Watch a Movie):
    Where screens light up and stories flow, Find your clue where movies show, on this New Year’s Eve glow!
  • Clue 8 (Where you Grab a Snack):
    When hunger strikes and cravings attack, Your clue’s hidden where snacks stack, for a New Year’s snack!
  • Clue 9 (Bookshelf):
    In a library of tales where books align, Your clue’s nestled where covers shine!
  • Clue 10 (By Favorite Game):
    In a place where competition blooms bright, Your next clue hides, seeking the gamer’s delight, for a fun New Year’s night!
  • Clue 11 (Where you Brush Teeth):
    In a space where minty freshness gleams, Your clue awaits among dental schemes, for New Year’s Eve dreams!
  • Clue 12 (Under a Pillow):
    At the end of this hunt, oh so merry, Your final clue waits ‘neath a pillow so airy!

Scavenger Hunt Blank Template

Personalize your scavenger hunt with these blank cards! Add your own clues, hints, or drawings to make a one-of-a-kind mission. Good Luck!

New Year’s Activities

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