Preparing school lunch can be a drag. By the time, Summer comes around we all celebrate a break from packing lunches. I’ve even had to make a few early morning grocery runs when I have forgotten lunch supplies. Keeping lunch choices healthy and interesting can be challenging for us. Especially the main part, the sandwich. Do your kids get sick of sandwiches? Sometimes I wonder how many uneaten sandwiches get thrown away at the schools. Let’s face it, it’s hard to eat the same thing every single day. I am always looking for new ideas. Here are five no sandwich lunch ideas your kids will love. With just a little planning you will have a lunch your kids, will actually eat!

lunch ideas

Left Overs for Lunch

Use a soup thermos to bring their favorite leftover dinner to school. A soup thermos will keep it warm for lunch. I love that this idea keeps us from wasting food!

school lunch


This simple recipe is a favorite around here.
Honey mustard dressing
Simply roll and pack it up.


Homemade Lunchable

Using a smart lunchbox place the following items or come up with some of your own.
Deli Meat
I like to add a fruit option like grapes.

lunch ideas

Homemade Uncrustables


These homemade uncrustables taste a lot better than their store-bought counterpart and are easy to make!

Mac & Cheese

I bet you never thought of this kid-pleasing idea for school lunch! But Mac & Cheese stays perfect in a soup thermos. Your kids will love having it for lunch.


Here are a few of my favorite products we use when packing lunches. Affiliate links below…
  • This soup thermos allows you a lot of flexibility in packing lunches. Keeps food hot!
  • A good reusable lunch bag will keep things cold.
  • I love this reusable water bottle. It keeps drinks cold and I am not buying sugary juice boxes.
  • These easy lunch boxes are by far my favorite thing for packing lunches. It keeps foods in their own area and allows you a lot of options.
  • Ice packs are necessary. This ice pack is super thin so they don’t take up all the space for food.

Don’t Forget the Lunch Notes

I love to surprise my kids and send lunch notes in their bag to let them know I am thinking of them while they are at school.  You can find a lot of free printable lunch notes if you serve the web or get some here.

Find yourself in a rush on school days? These make-ahead breakfast recipes make the school rush so much easier. They are ALL delicious too.

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