Finally we are starting to feel the chill in the air! It makes us think that October is on it’s way. We are in the mood to think about Halloween. We are getting prepared to spook our neighbors. If you are looking for some fun ways to celebrate Halloween stay tuned.

These little Nutter Butter Ghosts are super simple to make and a fun little activity for kids.
nutter butter ghosts

We love making things that don’t take too many supplies. Grab some Nutter Butter Cookies, white candy coating, sucker sticks (optional) and royal icing eyes (any size will do).

nutter butter-ghosts

How to melt candy coating

Slowly melt the candy coating. This is the trick! Slowly melting candy coating will help it to remain liquid and then dry with a nice shiny surface. Melting the candy coating too hot and fast will actually cause it to thicken. It will also dry cloudy.

Candy coating can be melted in the microwave at 15 seconds intervals, stirring after each. At first, it won’t seem like it is melting. Be patient. Even at the end if there are a few pieces that haven’t fully melted, continue stirring. These pieces will go ahead and melt.

How to make Nutter Butter Ghosts

Carefully take apart the cookie.  If using sucker sticks, dip the stick in the melted candy coating. Place the dipped end inside the cookie. This will keep the stick securely inside the cookie.  Allow candy coating to dry completely before dipping the cookie.


Dip the cookie into the candy coating. Shake off excess. Stand cookies up by placing stick into a piece of foam. If not using sticks, lay cookies on wax or parchment paper.

Add royal icing eyes while coating is still wet or use a bit of candy coating as “glue” to add the eyes on the cookies after they have dried.


Use Vienna wafers and green candy coating to make Frankenstein Cookies.


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