As if Method doesn’t already do enough to keep our bodies #cleanhappy they are now working to clean up our oceans!

Introducing the world’s first bottles made with a blend of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic. That truly is people against dirty!

Our plastic trash is being swept away in ocean currents and is landing in a huge swirling vortex. I mean HUGE, this mass of plastic in our ocean is TWICE the size of the state of Texas. Fish in the middle depths of the northern pacific ocean are ingesting as much as 24,000 tons of plastic each year. Every year, at least one million sea birds and 100,000 sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales die from eating plastic.

This gray bottle is a big deal! Through this new innovative use of recovered ocean plastic, Method is showing how we  can tackle environmental problems!

We all play a role in protecting our oceans.  I am thankful that Method is setting this wonderful example and doing their part to make this world more beautiful and safe for my little beauty and yours!



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all ideas and opinions are my own.  I truly have fallen in love with every single product (The Smarty Dishwasher Tablets are amazing) I have tried and am awed by Method’s commitment to the safety of our bodies and environment! 

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  1. This is a genius idea and for such a good cause too.

    The amount of rubbish that i see out at sea when im on the water for weeks at a time (im a fisherman by trade) is astounding.

    Good to see that the rubbish is being recycled into something very useful such as soap.

  2. I didn’t realize plastics were a problem in the ocean other than the fact that we were told to cut our soda can holders. I am grateful to Method for doing something about this problem. I love the look of the bottle too.

  3. Wow – that is an awesome cause; I love Method even more! I had no idea it was that big of an issue. I love that bottle too!

    PS – cute pic of your daughter!

  4. Wow – that is so awesome. I love that idea!! I am obsessed with Method. It is such a forward-thinking company.

  5. how interesting! another reason to love method!

    i do love anything method has put out! they are my favorite soap by far! always have extras in the bathroom cabinet!

  6. I didn’t know this! Thanks for sharing and making us aware. I love Method for doing this.

  7. Okay no way? I have never heard of ocean plastic and that Method is using it for good. Wow. That is impressive. Thanks for making us aware of that!

  8. I saw a documentary on ocean plastic and it was so sad. I’m so glad to see Method doing something about it. I already use and love Method and now I can’t wait to try out this new product!

  9. I have loved Method for a long time, mostly for the cute bottle but this idea has me really interested. I love a company who actually does something instead of just talking about it! I can’t wait to go check out this product,and show my support!

  10. Oh I love it! I have been so concerned for the BIG plastic mass for years! I love Method….I really do. Not only because I love their design, but love what they stand for.

  11. Why aren’t more companies like Method! They just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and guess what that translate to= me buying their products! Thanks Method for being such a leader in this sort of business ethics! It means a lot to me and my family and so many others!

  12. My husband and I saw the ocean plastic bottle at Whole Foods and had to grab one! I love companies that do their part and then some.

    Project Lovegood

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