Here is my quick and easy step by step orange drawing tutorial that will get you craving nature’s perfect source of vitamin C! In the time it takes to peel a real orange or three, you will be able to draw an orange, let’s do this!

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completed orange drawing
How to Draw an Orange

Orange drawIng Supplies

Just a few supplies you probably already have and you’re good to get started on this easy, quick orange drawing.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • black pen
  • circle to trace- jar lid, top of mug or cup
  • markers
  • ruler

How to Draw an Orange Easy!

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw an orange drawing step by step from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. In the center of your paper, place the object you are using to trace your circle e. Use your pencil and trace around carefully to make the outline of the orange. Move the object down and slightly to the right and this time trace around only the bottom half of the circle. Use your ruler to draw a straight line to connect the sides of the half circle.draw circle for orange and half circle for orange slice
  2. Using the object you traced with, move in a little bit from the left side of the orange and move the object up so you are tracing a shallower section of the circle. Stop tracing when you reach the right side line. For the last curved line, scoot in and draw a parallel line that connects with the top of the orange segment. See illustration below.draw line for orange peel
  3. First, erase all the lines in the background. See illustration below. The only lines showing will be the orange segment and part of the whole orange not covered up by the segment. Now you are ready to find the middle of the top line of the orange segment with your ruler and draw a dot there. Use your ruler to draw 4 straight lines, equally spaced, from the dot to the first curved line.draw triangles for orange wedges on slice
  4. First you will erase the dot and a little of the lines Connect the individual orange segments with curving lines and erase any extra drawing center of orange slice step
  5. Add a stem and leaf in this step to create the orange leaf. The stem tilts up from the top of the orange at an angle. See the illustration below. The leaf rests on the orange and covers up some of the orange. Erase the line covered up by the leaf.sketch stem and leaf to easy orange drawing
  6. Take out your black pen and draw over your lines.outline stem and leaf for the orange drawing
  7. .Color your entire orange with markers or crayons to give color. You can add dots to create texture! Now you have a complete orange drawing made by you. . I hope you love my ways drawing guides.
  8. color orange, stem green, and leaf green

my favorite drawing supplies

Easy Orange Drawing Video

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