Share a little love with these origami heart sucker covers. This is an easy origami heart to make, and it’s super cute. I think you will really like this easy origami idea, and it is perfect for Valentine day treats! Anyone  can learn how to make an origami heart with these simple step by step origami heart instructions!

I’ve got tons of great Valenitne ideas including these cute sayings for Valentine’s day and fun Valentine box ideas.

Origami Heart
origami heart

I have a few other ways to gift a sucker for Valentine’s Day. You might like these printable ‘beary’ special lollipop covers or these printable sucker for love lollipop wraps. If you like to pair a cute saying with a small gift I have 100 printable Valentine ideas for you to browse. So many fun ways to celebrate.  

Origami Heart Supplies

For each origami heart, you need:

  • 1 triangle cut from a 7 inch square of scrapbooking paper or use a piece of origami paper. (origami paper is thinner) For this project the scrapbooking paper works great.
  • a sticker
  • a flat suckerorigami heart sucker cover supplies

How to make an origami heart

Let’s get started making our paper heart. Start with a square by cutting a 7 inch square from scrapbooking paper.  Cut the square in half to make two triangles. One triangle makes one sucker cover.

how to make an origami heart With the wrong side of the paper facing up, fold top corner of the triangle to bottom edge. Write a little note inside (the white side) if you like, and you wont need any valentine day cards!

heart origami step 2

Fold up the right edge of the triangle to center.heart origami step 3

Repeat, folding the left edge of the triangle to center.

heart origami step 4

Flip paper over. Fold top points down.

heart origami step 6

Flip paper back over and slightly open to insert sucker.

heart origami step 8

Fold back up and place a sticker where the two sides meet.

heart origami tutorial

Flip over and fold down the top and side edges on both sides.

heart origami step 9

Now you know how to make a heart out of paper and it is a sweet treat for someone special. These origami heart sucker covers are a great easy origami project for kids to make for their friends. 

heart origami sucker cover

They are the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

heart origami valentine suckers

Origami Heart Video Instructions

I hope the above step by step instructions with photo tutorial was easy to understand.  You can learn how to fold a heart from a square of paper. Just watch this how to make an origami heart video.

Money origami heart and easy ways to fold money for gifts

A fun way to gift money is to fold it up! Look at this cute money heart. Who wouldn’t want to receive a box of these or how about turning them into a garland?

Easy Dollar Bill Heart Origami

dollar bill heart

Here are a few more fun ways to gift money and some easy origami and paper craft ideas:

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  1. Lisa, I used the 8 1/2 X 11 sheets of scrapbooking paper so there is less waste. The 12 inch squares are too big, unless you have a way to use the scraps.

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