The weather is warm and being outside is my favorite way to entertain!  These outdoor games will keep guests happy and provide hours of fun! They also work great for Birthday parties.

If you have to move your party inside try these family games. Minute to Win It games are also fun to play. The Newlywed Game is great for an adult.

Outdoor Games For Kids

We have been having a blast with water gun tie dye! We couldn’t believe how easy and FUN it was to make these beautiful t-shirts. You can even work on a little hand-eye coordination. 

squirt gun tie dye

Outdoor Games

What are the best yard games?  Some classic games and crowd favorites are ladder ball, bocce ball, disc frisbee, bean bag toss, croquet, and badminton. Lately, you will find parties with giant Jenga games, and life-sized version of yard Yahtzee. 

Ladder golf is a game you will keep around forever! It is really fun for kids (and adults). Make one yourself. This game is perfect for parties.  For a crowd, add more playing pieces and add more people to each team.

ladder golf

There are 101 games to play with Dominos. These giant dominos are even more fun! So these should never get old! 


Who didn’t love Connect Four as a kid? When you see it in jumbo form, all those nostalgic memories come rushing back and you feel like a kid again. The kids will love it, too!

kids games

How do I make an outdoor game? You can make outdoor games easily with a few basic instructions (in these tutorials) and some very inexpensive tools.  You will love owning these games and find yourself pulling them out to entertain all summer long.

Outdoor Games For Adults

Yes, there is so much more you can do than just play beer pong.

Do you like word games? This giant yard scrabble and boggle is a great way to include a lot of people in your favorite word game.

outdoor games


Want a fun activity to spend time outside with the family on those warm summer nights? Glow-In-the-Dark Bowling is the perfect nighttime activity and it’s incredibly easy to set up. One of the only games made for the after-hours block party on this list, you’ll remember that bowling is a fun game, after all.

night bowling

Outdoor Games For Teenagers

This cornhole game tutorial will be the entertainment at your next party. Pack this wooden corn hole game easily in your truck for tailgating! Let the toss game begin! Any age will have fun just as soon as he tosses the ball! You will also love that it tucks away in the carrying case.

corn hole game

Yard Yahtzee (Yardzee) is one of those fun yard games that will transform your backyard parties. It is easy to set up and fun to play.


Jenga is such an easy playing game and it gives the thrill of faster-paced games (it could fall at any time!) but you can still carry on a relaxed conversation as you play. Kids actually love this game so much.


Fun Outdoor Games

What are some fun outdoor games for children? My kids always liked playing hide and seek, capture the flag, simple games like tag, ghost in the graveyard and games with a ball always keep everyone happy.

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