Welcome to this post on Panda coloring pages! Here, you’ll find a great way to spend a fun time with kids of all ages. These free printable panda coloring pages feature these beloved endangered species, their natural habitat in bamboo forests, and their origins in south central China. Print them out and get started with bright colors and different shades.

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Try coloring this cute panda coloring page!

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Art Supplies for Panda Coloring Pages

Before you start your panda coloring sheet, collect these supplies:

Free Panda Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are not only a fun activity, but they also provide numerous benefits for kids. They help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as color recognition. These printable pages are a good choice for younger kids who are just learning how to color, as well as older kids who enjoy designs with a more realistic look. Plus, they can learn about pandas and their habitat while coloring.

Panda with Bamboo Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 1 - Large panda sitting with bamboo in background
Surely one of the cutest animals!

Panda on Branch Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 2 - Baby panda sitting on bamboo stick
A panda sitting in a bamboo tree

Thinking Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 3 - Baby panda thinking with bamboo sticks in background
Lets draw some panda cubs!

Dancing Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 4 - Panda dancing with bamboo sticks and leaves in background
This dancing panda bear is having fun!

Panda with Heart Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 5 - Baby panda sitting and holding large heart, with clouds in background
This little panda has a heart

Tribal Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 6 - Panda sitting with bamboo leaves above head
Panda’s love bamboo leaves!

Baby Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 7 - Baby panda sitting holding two small sticks of bamboo
This baby panda is holding some bamboo

Giant Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 8 - Giant panda sitting on bench with clouds in background
That’s one giant panda!

Sad Panda Face Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 9 - Sad panda face with lined background
Such an adorable panda face

Sleepy Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 10 - Panda with baby panda sleeping on top, with clouds in background
These pandas are sleeping

Hungry Panda Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 11 - Panda sitting and eating bamboo
A panda eating bamboo

Panda Holding Bamboo Coloring Page

Panda Coloring Page 12 - Large panda holding long stick of bamboo, with more bamboo sticks in background
This panda has a long stick of bamboo

Download, Print, and Color

To access these adorable panda coloring pages, simply click on the download button before each page to download the file in PDF format. These free printable sheets are easy to download and perfect for personal use or classroom activities. You can download the whole panda coloring pages book here file and get started with coloring right away. So, click on the download file and let the fun begin!

More Fun Coloring Pages Activities

If you’re in search of more coloring books, the good news is there’s more available here:

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