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Blair, from Wise Craft writes……..

Easy Paper Cone People

(or animals, aliens, drones, or mythical creatures)

Supplies for Cone Paper Craft

– Paper (we used plain printer paper, but you could use construction paper or fancy scrapbooking paper.
– Something round to trace circles (I round coaster, or a coffee mug bottom would be a good size)
– Pens, Markers, Pencils
– Scissors
– Any interesting trim from around the house. We rummaged around and found all sorts of things… pipe cleaners, ribbons, small round stickers, decorative tape.

How to make Paper Cone People

1. Trace around your round shape to make circles on your white (or chosen) paper. Cut out.

2. Now you’re going to cut out a radius, any size you want, into each circle (cut more away to make taller, skinnier cones, and less away to make shorter, fatter cones). Fold each into a cone shape and secure with a piece of tape, or glue with a glue stick.

3. And from this point onward, your imagination takes over! We did a princess (with a piece of ribbon coming out of the top of the cone), a king (cut the top of the cone into a pointy crown), a fire-breathing dragon (“fire” is actually orange pipecleaners poked through the paper from inside the cone), and a knight (we covered a piece of scrap paper and covered it with tape for a shield).

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