If you have ever wondered how to make a paper fortune teller, you have come to the right place! This clever paper fortune teller, a.k.a. cootie catcher, will get the kids doing chores!

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As a kid, I always looked forward to summer and winter break: no school, no homework. I could do all those things I didn’t have time for during school. I would get lazy and bored and forget all the things I had planned on doing during breaks. I could never decide what to do, which usually meant my parents would suggest cleaning my room, pulling weeds, scooping the dog poop or something else equally industrious and uninteresting.

I’m definitely not saying that my childhood were full of just boredom and chores. I am saying, however, that it would’ve been nice if I had had a magical fortune teller to tell me what fun things I should do to avoid the doldrums. If you or your children can relate in any way to the story above, I have the perfect solution for you!

FREE Printable Fortune Teller Paper

Download the handy, dandy super decision-y summer paper fortune teller! Available exclusively at Skip to my Lou for 5 easy payments of ZERO dollars! 😉

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How to make a paper fortune teller

All you have to do is download, print, cut & fold! These step-by-step instructions will walk you through how to make your origami fortune teller using a single square piece of paper and some diagonal folds.

fortune teller instructions


Here is How to Play the Fortune Teller Game

Once you’ve made your handy dandy summer paper fortune teller, play the fortune telling the game to figure out what activity you should do next.

Here’s how you play:

  1. have someone select a color and a direction to pull the fortune teller
  2. spell out the color while pulling the fortune teller opposite directions with each letter
  3. have someone choose a number and a direction
  4. count to the chosen number while pulling the fortune teller opposite directions with each number
  5. have someone choose another number
  6. open the tab & do what it says

If you’d like to customize your options, check out the second page of the fortune teller PDF – it has a fill-in-the-blank version. It’s the perfect activity decision-maker for any time of year! Click the button below to download to make your free fortune teller:download button

For more tutorials and printables, please visit www.melissaesplin.com. This tutorial is free for personal use and should not be distributed without the author’s consent.

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