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Hello there Skip to My Lou, friends! My name is Kyla and I write over at Funky PolkaDot Giraffe! I’m a 2nd grade teacher turned stay-at-home mom and these days I keep busy creating for my blog, being co-room mom for my son’s 2nd grade class, and reading a favorite book when I can steal a moment between being a full time taxi for my kids.

NewFunkyHeader2-1In my family we have some relatives that take their ice cream eating very seriously.Some take it so seriously, that they don’t even bother with bowls and they eat straight from the carton. However, this eating straight from the carton has it’s drawbacks, because your fingers get really cold and you can’t hold it for very long. My father-in-law wraps a towel around the ice cream, which works, but it just isn’t very cute. So, I came up with a solution for him! If people can have cozies for their soda sand Starbucks mugs, then I decided he needed a cozy for his ice cream! Thus, the Personalized Ice Creamy Cozy was born!

Ice Cream Cozy 09
It’s really simple to make and you probably have most of the supplies on hand.
You’ll need:
  • two coordinating pieces of fabric cut to 17.5″x5″
  • 2 pieces of elastic (I used new ponytail holders)
  • Lite Heat and Bond or similar double sided iron on adhesive
  • one piece of felt or fleece cut to 17″x4.5″
  • buttons
  • scrap of coordinating fabric (for initial)

Cut your coordinating pieces of fabric to 17.5″x5″. This size fit my Dreyer’s ice cream container perfectly. If you’re using a different sized ice cream container, then you’ll need to measure from the bottom of the lid to the bottom of the container and then add in for seam allowances.
Ice Cream Cozy 01

Following the package directions, cut your Heat and Bond to about 1/2″ smaller than your fabric and adhere to the WRONG SIDE of the  fabric that you want on the outside of your cozy.
Then remove the paper and adhere the piece of felt or fleece to the Heat and Bond.
This cozy fabric gives you some extra insulation against the cold container.
Ice Cream Cozy 03
Pin wrong sides together. This part always freaks me out because I worry that it’s not going to flip right, but it always does! Then, on one end, slip in your two pieces of elastic and leave the extra hanging out. I used new ponytail holders because they work perfectly, so if you’re measuring elastic, then just make sure your loops will fit over the buttons you’ve chosen. Then, stitch around three sides of your rectangle with a 1/4″ seam, leaving the short side opposite the elastic pieces open for turning. Clip the corners.
Ice Cream Cozy 04

Turn your cozy right side out and push out your corners. Fold your open side in a 1/4″, iron to make it crisp, and then top stitch all the way around your ice cream cozy.
Ice Cream Cozy 05

Put your cozy around your ice cream container and make marks where you’d like you buttons to be. Also, mark where you’d like your initial to be. I wanted my directly opposite of the of the buttons, so I marked where I wanted to sit with a pin.Ice Cream Cozy 06


Trace the initial you’d like on your cozy to the paper side of the Heat and Bond and follow the package directions for adhering it to the WRONG SIDE of your fabric. This means, that your alphabet letter will need to be flipped so that when you cut it out, you have it the right way. Remove the paper and iron your letter onto the spot you previously marked. I sewed around mine with a zigzag stitch, but you could do anything you wanted.

Ice Cream Cozy 07

Ice Cream Cozy 08


The last step is to sew the buttons onto the two spots you marked and put your fun
new ice cream cozy on and put it in the freezer for your ice cream loving family member to find!

Ice Cream Cozy 11

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