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Hello Skip to My Lou readers.  I’m Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and I’m excited to join in on this sewing party.
I love giving gifts that are personalized and usable.  So here’s an easy project that won’t break the bank – monogrammed luggage tags.


You’ll need:fabric paint and brushes
a little fabric (scraps work perfectly for this)
a little bit of heavy fusible interfacing (like pellon)
clear plastic vinyl
I began by cutting my heavy fusible interfacing into a tag shape.  Just cut a rectangle and then snip off the corners at the top.  You’ll cut two of these.
Next, iron them both onto your fabric and then trim your fabric to match the shape.  You’ll have this.
Next you’ll cut a small rectangle of the clear plastic vinyl and sew it onto the right side of one tag, leaving one side open to insert an address card.  (You can find plastic like this in a lot of places.  I cut mine off an older binder that was breaking.)
Now, take a loop of ribbon and sandwich the ends of it into the tags so that the fabric is on the outside.  There’s no fancy inverting here.  Just sew around the edges of the full tag.  If the edges don’t line up perfectly when you’re done don’t fret.  Just trim the edges until it looks perfect.  (The fusible interfacing will keep the edges from fraying, but if you plan on washing it a lot you can zigzag around the edges as well.)
Lastly, I used fabric paint to add the monogram.  I used an angled, stiffer brush to paint the letters on.  If you don’t want to paint it straight on, you could create a freezer paper stencil.I mixed the brown and black to get a deep brown color I was looking for.  If you’re unsure about painting straight lines, you can also do a freezer paper stencil.  Click HEREfor my video tutorial on that one.  (The Rollos are optional, but I think they help.)

And here’s what you get.

I think everyone can appreciate being able to recognize his or her own luggage.  (You know, people start to stare at you when they see you running laps around and around the baggage conveyor in a full sweat, trying to see which gray suitcase is yours 🙂

It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive – which are all great in my book.
Need some more sewing ideas?  Here are a few more tutorials from my blog.  Click the picture to head to the tutorial.
Thanks for having me, Cindy!

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  1. This is a “will” do project. I finally have a use for the plastic on binders that are being pitched—thanks!

  2. Perfect timing! My son’s plastic library bag for school just broke and I thought of repurposing a canvas tote for him and adding a tag with his library card barcode attached. Seriously, I’m so glad you posted this today!

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