Need a fun little gift idea? This Phone Fan Gift is super cute, especially for someone that is FANtastic! I love these little phone fans. They work great!  Have you tried them? I think it would be the most perfect gift for a sports mom! You know I love gifts with cute saying. Check out these 50 cute sayings for teacher gifts. (If you would like the gift tags already made be sure to check my shop.) It  couldn’t be easier just pair one of the sayings with a little gift and you are done. What I like best is that usually the little gifts are useful or edible!
fan gift with cute saying

Phone Fan Gift Idea

I have three versions of the printable that pair perfectly with a phone fan. Just click the link to download


I fount the fans on Amazon. I bought these, but this add on offer  is a better deal if you are already buying something. Several people in the comments said they really don’t use too much of your phone’s battery. That’s good news1  Anybody that spends anytime outside would love this cute gift! I could see getting them for an entire sports team in their team colors!

Phone fan gift


This homemade gift goes together super quick.  First download the saying of your choice. Print in black and white on colored card-stock. Card-stock will help the card stand up properly. Cut out the cards and fold on the dotted lines.

fantastic gif supplies

With a sharp object make a tiny hole on the gray dot on the lower front of the card.  I used a sharp meat fork. With a hole punch, punch two holes at the top for a piece of ribbon or twine to go through.

fan gift punch holes

Remove the propeller from the fan (the actually come this way). Place the metal piece through the tiny hole.

put phone fan inside card

Tie it up with a bow or fancy knot!

biggest fan gift ideas

Such an easy gift idea! Homemade gifts are the best!

you-are-Fantastic-gift-idea (1)

I am so excited to share a teacher gift version!



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  1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for sharing this gift idea. Such a creative, useful gift. Can you possibly provide us with your teacher version?

    Thank you!

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