One thing I have realized is that I have a gamer. She is a clever one with total concentration.

She is a smooth operator on my Nokia Lumia 900. It is clear that she has become addicted to my Windows phone! She loves the fun and games (and also some texting with Dad)! Her current favorite game is The Tallest Ice Cream!

In this yummy game scoops of ice cream are dropped on  a cone until it is taller than the Empire State Building.

One of the coolest things about the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is the moving tiles on the main screen.  Static icons are so over! This Windows Phone shows your to-dos and must-dos all in one glance.  You really see  things in a whole new way with this Windows Phone and Live Tiles. You simply pin the items to the main screen to keep them handy. My daughter likes this too! Notice where her game is….

Do your kids play games on your cell phone?  I would love to know which Windows game they play.


Microsoft gave me the Windows Phone and compensation for this test drive.


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  1. I have gamers in my house too! We will have to try the tallest ice cream game for sure!I think they would love it. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. I’m an auntie and love games that help keep the little ones occupied, so my sister and I can visit. We will have to give the ice cream game a try next!

  3. Your daughter is ADORABLE, and the ice-cream game looks so fun! My kids play games on my phone ALL. The. TIME. I love having games on my phone when we have down time at appointments!

  4. I did not realize windows made a smart phone until I saw it on your blog. It looks awesome. My kids are always stealing my phone to play games. One of their favorites is fruit ninja. I don’t mind if it keeps them happy while we are getting things done.

  5. Love my windows phone for ease of use and sync capabilities with my calendar on the computer. I also use it for music and audiobooks ( has an app that allows you to download directly to your phone!). My almost three-yr old love Slurpy the Frog. Its a preschool game. He can easily find it on the game tile.

  6. I’m glad to see some LOVE for the Windows phone! We are a MS family so I’m biased but I do love mine! And I agree on ease, my 3 year old can find his games with no help!

  7. I agree, we spend a lot of time in the car and it is so handy to have a few games to play to make the time go by!

  8. Bella is adorable. I think having games on the go for dentist appointments, and unexpected wait times keeps everyone so much happier! My kids love funny fishing!

  9. ok, first of all your daughter is ADORABLE Cindy! and I think I need to get Tallest Ice Cream! anything that involves ice cream, I’m all for! lol

  10. I too have really enjoyed the ease of the Windows phone. Seriously, the tiles feature and being able to pin is genius.

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