Friends will know you miss them with this popcorn gift.  We are having fun thinking of little treats to drop on our friend’s doorstep. It helps us feel connected while social distancing.

If you want a sweet treat to share with friends try this muddy buddies miss you gift.

wish we could pop by tag attached to box of microwave popcorn

Popcorn Gift Supplies

Download the file, print in black and white on cardstock. Any color you like! Attach the tag to popcorn with ribbon, a clip or washi tape. It is the perfect gift to let friends know you are thinking about them! You might even want to make up a popcorn gift basket filled with popcorn and items so they can have a fun movie night.

wish we could pop by gift tag with popped corn around the sides

While you can buy a bag of gourmet popcorn or a box of microwave popcorn you can always make a small batch of popcorn yourself! I love this caramel popcorn recipe. I promise your friends will request the recipe for this white chocolate popcorn. It is irresistible. Did you know you can make colored candied popcorn? Here are more popcorn recipes. There are so many popcorn flavors to choose from. You might like to try caramel apple popcorn. Enjoy!


If you live in the midwest where we call soda “pop” you could always attach the tag to sodas. It doesn’t have to be elaborate! We just want our friends to know we are thinking about them and want to brighten their day! Hopefully, this gift idea will do just that and share a smile.

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  1. Love this cute gift. I have some popcorn I can’t wait to give out.

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