This DIY Portable Mini Sandbox is a simple way to keep little hands busy.  Check out one of the many Kids Crafts and Activities we are sharing this summer here on Skip to my Lou . Just look at this boredom buster idea list for even more inspiration.  Salt Painting is a unique craft idea kids are sure to love.  These toilet a paper tube puppets are also really cute and easy to put together.

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Summer is a time to get messy, explore and have some fun. Especially if you are a kid. Or maybe they want to do those things all the time, but in the summer it is a little easier to get away with. My little one loves to play in our flower planters. Sometime about the dirt is calling to her all the time. Seeing her play in the planters gave me the idea to make a sandbox, but not a huge one, just a mini one that could be moved around our yard. So I created this fun portable mini sandbox for my little toddler (but I’m sure older kids would love it too). Now she can play in the dirt without getting into the flower beds or as dirty.

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Portable Mini Sandbox

What you will need to make your own mini sandbox for under $10:

  1. an airtight container
  2. measuring cups or other small cups to dig with
  3. cookie cutters or other sand toys
  4. sand (we have a place nearby to get sand for free or it is around $5 to purchase a small bag of sand)

I bought most of these things (except the sand) at the dollar store. I spent under $10 to create this project. Perfect if you don’t want to spend a whole lot like you would to buy a large sand box.

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Empty the sand into your container. I made mine smaller, but a larger shallow container would work as well. Add in the toys and let the kids go wild. Pour, scoop and more in the shade on a nice summer day.

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When you are all finished playing just load up the sand toys into the container and close it. Store in a dry place, until the next time it is used.

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This little cutie loved pouring the sand with the measuring cups and making shapes with the cookie cutters in the sand. Our tip after playing with this would be to put the box on a cookie sheet or in a larger shallow tub to avoid losing all your sand if you are worried about the kids dumping it out.

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What other toys would you add to this mini sandbox?

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