Send a little love and get well wishes with a post surgery care package. If you have a friend in surgery recovery, a little box of after surgery gifts will surely brighten their day and may even help speed up their recovery.

A heartfelt handmade gift can make someone’s day.  Your friends and family will appreciate your care and consideration as everyone wants to feel valued and loved!

care package for sick friend

Care Package for Sick Friend

Did you know that staying positive during recovery can shorten the recovery time? Research tells us that those who keep a positive outlook tend to heal faster. Focusing on the positive, getting support from friends and family, and keeping distracted from pain are all beneficial ways to promote better healing. Get well soon gifts after surgery, just might be what the doctor should order up!

What to send someone after surgery? This care package is filled with a few practical items to help a friend pass the time and have some fun treats while recovering from a surgery or illness! What a great way to let friends know you are thinking of them.

care package items

Homemade rice heating pads to help relieve any aches and pains, are great gifts for someone recovering from surgery. They can be added to a care basket, or they can bew given alone as they really are a beautiful way to show someone that you care.

Learn how to make a rice heating pad.

rice heating bag with gift tag

Post Surgery Care Package Get Well Sayings

  1. Rest – Relax – Read (Magazines, Books)
  2. Hoping your recovery is picture perfect! (Movie)
  3. Mani wishes for a speedy recovery! (nail polish, fingernail file, manicure items)
  4. Hoping you are back on your feet soon! (slippers / socks)
  5. Chocolate Cure-All (chocolate)
  6. Cup of cheer (tea, coffee, soup mix)
  7. A Spoonful of comfort (soup)
  8. Don’t hesitate to ask for a hand (hand lotion)
  9. Popping in to say, “Hope you’re feeling better soon!” (popcorn)
  10. Sleep Rest Recover (sleep mask, pillow spray)
  11. Just a note to let you know I am thinking about you (thank you cards, note cards)
  12. You’re one tough cookie  (cookies)
  13. Bee Well (anything with a bee, honey, Burt Bee’s lip balm)
  14. Happy Pills (m & m’s, small colorful candies)
  15. Surgery Sucks! Sorry (sucker, hard candy)
  16. You are going to feel good & plenty better SOON! (Good & Plenty Candy)
  17. Laughter is the best medicine! (Laffy Taffy, Chuckles, snickers, candy, comedy movie, game)
  18. An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away! (iTunes gift card)
  19. Kiss those aches and pains goodbye (heating pad, handmade rice heating pad)
  20. Before you know it you will be saying HI-HO HI-HO it’s back to work I go! —changed school to work(Ho Ho snack cakes)
  21. Hope you get feeling BUTTER soon! Don’t lift a FINGER ’till you’re well (Butterfinger candy bar)
  22. Soon you will be doing flips. (Flips chocolate covered pretzels)
  23. In case you need a lift! (uber or lyft gift card)
  24. Hope you bounce back soon! (paddle ball game)

items with sayings to give sick friend

Friends and family members will appreciate your care and concern not to mention gift cards to help keep them occupied.

items for care package for sick friend

Get Well Card

Be sure to include a card with get well wishes! (included in the set) And, this card makes finding the prefect get well gift ideas after surgery–easy! The list is simple gifts that you can find just about anywhere.

lots of napping
movies all day
sweet treats
cozy socks
hot tea
reading books
relaxing music
#speedy recovery

get well card

Your friend will feel so loved! If you can’t deliver get well baskets for her after surgery, a care package is like a gift basket in a box. Wrap it all up with some pink tissue paper and you have a beautiful box of get well gifts for women and girls in your life.

thinking of you card on care package

What a great way to brighten their day!

ƒƒpost surgery care package

Download all the cute care package gift tags and cards for $4.95

More Care Packages

Everyone could use a little extra love and care and you’ll find some great ideas for sending a gift box to just about anyone here!

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  1. I keep trying to purchase these Post Surgery Gift Tags, but every single time I add them to my cart for purchase and then advance to my cart they disappear from my cart. I’ve tried to find something similar on other websites because this website is not working, but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for anywhere else.Why won’t this work and how do I get these printable??

  2. I love these thoughtful ideas! The cute labels really take it to another level. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I ordered the sunshine packet last May and never received it. Paid for it, I even sent 2 different emails with no responses . You have fabulous ideas, but it left a very bad taste in my mouth. I had purchased it for Teacher Appreciation and never received. I need to actually take the time and call my bank for my 3.95 to be refunded.

  4. My friends gave me a similar basket after my hysterectomy, and it was so appreciated! They also included a little pill dispenser and water bottle for my pain meds. It was so handy having everything I needed in one basket! I love that yours comes with cute tags!

  5. Thanks for the great ideas! I’ve put together a number of care packages in the past and it’s so great to have some fresh ideas of what to include!

  6. What cute ideas you have here! And very thoughtful, too. I bet anyone would love to get one of these special care packages!

  7. My wonderful mother in law is going through treatment right now. This gives me many great ideas! Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful service you are providing. It makes me happy you are using this stuff to make it fun!

  9. I love the tags that go along with the items! I make care bags for those going through cancer treatments or dialysis, and this would be a great way to add a little laugh too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Would have enjoyed reading this but it was covered with offers that couldn’t be read, accepted OT turned ogg. Total waste of a website that looked goid.

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