Hi! I’m Ali from Dream Crafter and this is my first time guest posting for Skip to My Lou and I. Am. Thrilled! Today i’m gonna show ya how to make Potato Pets. One day, when my boys were desperate for a creative outlet, I got this crazy idea to use potatoes to make a craft. Call it desperation at its finest. This is something we’ve done several times and my boys have gotten more and more creative each time. So… here’s what you’ll need:


Potatoes (preferably ones that were about to go bad anyway…we don’t want to waste food.)

Pipe Cleaners



Elmer’s glue

Googly eyes

suppliesStart by making sure your potatoes are clean and DRY. Next, get creative! We ended up using the toothpicks for legs (mostly) and did some fancy work with the pipe cleaners. *Hint: Put your googly eyes on last.

Once they are dry, give them a home! We decided to put ours on a little patch of grass (turf sample from Home Depot). I even tried my hand at making a cat…turned out more like a mouse. 🙂 But I had fun.

potato petsMy son made an elephant which turned out much more life-like than my cat/mouse…

elephant potato petMy 4 year old got really into it and this kept him occupied for over an hour. Mwahaha. (Insert evil mommy smile.)

building potato petsHe even made a duck.

duckWelp, I guess thats all! A simple craft for an easy afternoon craft session! Enjoy your summer! If you’d like to keep hangin’ with some cool kids, hip cat daddy-os and motor-bike riders you can find me (and all those cool people) over at Dream Crafter!

Here’s a little about me: I’m a momma to three boys and a wife to superman, (don’t tell him I revealed his secret identity.) I’m too big of a spaz to stick to any one thing, (which is why I love craft blogging). I can eat an entire can of frosting in one sitting (yes its a skill) and I am a mormon. I try not to take myself too seriously and I love trying anything new!



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