Preschool art projects are the perfect way to stimulate creativity and encourage kids to explore.

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preschool art projects collage
Preschool Art Projects

What makes a good art project for Preschoolers

My favorite art projects for little hands are those that encourage creativity and stimulate all the senses.  Art activities for preschoolers that build fine motor skills are also key.  

Children will thrive when provided a variety of art projects that help them to explore, solve problems and be curious.

Seek open-ended art activities that delight all the senses. Here are a few simple ideas.

  • Collage – recyled paper, and magazines can be torn and cut and glued to make colorful pictures
  • Painting – with a variety of tools (fingers, paintbrushes, found objects like feathers and leaves) and paint textures (thick finger paint to thin watercolors
  • Sculpture – a varitey of everyday items (empty cereal boxes, containers, cardboard paper etc) can be taped and glued into magnicifant pieces
  • Modeling – playdough is wonderful for building motor skills and encouraging expermentation. Try a variety of clays.
  • Mosaics can be the perfect platform for teaching pattern and texture

Tips for Encouraging Creativity

  • Provide a variety of supplies
  • Ask questions – What do these colors make you feel? Which line you made is the thickest or thinest? Which line is the happiest….
  • Be supportive – Refrain from putting too many labels on what was created. Instead focus on how they felt while creating.
  • Enjoy the process instead of focusing on the product

Art Projects for Preschoolers

Here are a few activities you might like to try.

Aromatherapy playdough is a great way to potentially change a little one’s mood while letting them play with their hands. This simple activity delights touch and smell!

balls of playdough on wood background
Aromatherapy Playdough

Salt Painting creates sparkle and texture.

paint salt and with salt painting of a pineapple
Salt Painting Supplies

An all-time favorite for most kids is finger painting. However, if you have a child that doesn’t like the feel of the paint, that is okay. Use brushes to experience the thick paint. You might even try rubber surgical-type gloves.

finger painted butterfly preschool art project
Fun Finger Painting

Up the experience with puffy finger paint.

puffy paint on cardboard
Puffy Paint for Finger Painting

Marbleized paper can be used to make collages. Kids will be wowed with the results when the paper is pulled from the starch. You can also marbleize paper with shaving cream.

marbleized  paper to make
Wow the kids with Marbleized Paper

Be inspired by Eric Carle and make paper collages out of construction paper. I love using books to provide ideas and inspiration.

blue horse collage for preschoolers
Paper Collage

Another favorite book of mine is Mouse Paint. It is a great way to teach about color mixing.

bowls of paint teaching color mixing
Teaching color mixing to preschoolers

Here’s another fun and easy process art project for preschoolers, yarn mosaics. My kids loved exploring all the designs they could create using yarn as their painting tool!

preschool children holding yarn mosaics
Yarn Mosaic Designs

Make some chalk paint and get outside and paint the world. Kid’s will feel so proud creating a large mural.

chalk paint on cement with foam brush dipped in paint
Chalk Paint

Did you know you can make your own watercolor paint?

  Scratch art paper can create excitement and curiosity.

scratch off paper with child painting
Making Scratch Off Paper

The Benefits of Preschool Art Experiences

Don’t underestimate the power of art for little ones. Giving young children plenty of opportunities to make art can:

  • encourages exploration
  • boosts self-esteem
  • provides a positive outlet for self expression
  • stimulates imagination
  • builds creativity
  • encourages problem solving
  • helps them think openly
  • provides opportunity to take risks

Sharing art with children can create fun memories, build strong bonds and relationships through shared activity.

More Ideas for Preschoolers

After you have made some of the art projects for kids you might like a few of the fun ideas.

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