You are going to love this Pressure Cooker Stick of Butter Rice.  My dear friend Mique has an amazing recipe for stick of butter rice She says it is the best rice you will ever eat……. and yes, I say this claim is 100% true.  It is the best! It isn’t the healthiest of side dishes, but we don’t eat it all the time.  For sure it is one of the yummiest dishes you can serve when company is coming over! Grill or bake some meat and roast some veggies to go along with the rice for a delicious meal. The rice will make the meal and get rave reviews, plus it is super easy.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.
Fork full of rice served in a blue and white bowl, by Skip to my Lou.

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I cannot with this stick of butter rice recipe. The flavor will transport you back in time to a recipe your Grandma made, this instant pot stick of butter rice recipe is a keeper.

Pressure cooker stick of butter rice, by Skip to my Lou.
Moms and dads love a kid-pleasing side dish

Pressure Cooker Stick of Butter Rice

1 c. uncooked rice (NOT instant), like Jasmine rice or Basmati rice
1 -10 oz can of Condensed French Onion Soup
1 -10 oz can of Beef Broth
½ c. of butter

The above is Mique’s recipe but I ALWAYS double it.


2 Cups uncooked white rice (NOT instant)
2 -10 oz cans of Condensed French Onion Soup
2 -10 oz cans of Beef Broth
1 Cup of butter (two sticks of butter)


Don’t worry it will get eaten. Put all the ingredients into your electric pressure cooker.  I have an InstantPot, so I select rice setting  and about 12 mins later I have the most amazing rice ever.  I have cooked it for 12 minutes on high pressure and it has also turned out great.
Pats of butter in beef broth for stick of butter rice, by Skip to my Lou.
Little pats of butter making rice better
Stick of butter rice in an Instant Pot, by Skip to my Lou.
Prep time and cook time 30 minutes!
This rice will not disappoint!
Bowl of rice, by Skip to my Lou.
My mouth is watering thinking about this rice

Enjoy! (You won’t be able to stop eating it!)

I have been cooking with the InstantPot for over a year now.  I can honestly say we use it about 4-5 times a week.  It has made the biggest difference in dinner time for my family.

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Suggestions and Substitutions

If there are any leftovers, highly doubt it, store them in an airtight container in the fridge. Reheat in the microwave and relive the experience. Leftovers can also be stored in the freezer.

Use this rice to jazz up any casserole dish calling for savory, delicious rice.

So, what kind of rice do you like? Try brown rice for a different experience, just be sure to adjust the cook time. Total time is always longer for cooking brown rice.

No Beef broth on hand? For a richer flavor, substitute beef stock and for an elegant touch, use beef consommé.

Before you Go

Thank you for stopping by today. Please check out more delicious recipes, comment and let me know how your family liked this one!

Please check back for more Pressure Cooker Recipes because I am adding more each week!

Stuffed Pork Loin is baked in the oven, but the stick of butter rice mixture would be a perfect companion.

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  1. My family has used this recipe for years with an exception: Can of Consomme instead of French Onion. We dice fresh onion and/or sliced mushrooms and put on top.

  2. Maybe 1/4 cup of butter will work better…made it with 1/2 cup and there is a lot of butter floating among the rice…

  3. Wow! I can see why you make this so often. I made it to go with my pressure cooker pot roast. It’s a huge hit in this household!!!! FYI-I let it sit a bit to fully absorb the little bit of excess liquid. It was so perfect!

  4. Peaches, I used white rice and I did not rinse it. I make this regularly. When I first open there might be a tiny bit of soupiness, but a couple of stirs it looks just like the picture.

  5. Mine was very soupy too. I followed the recipe measurements exactly and even put it back into pressure for another 5 mins. Still soupy 😞. I am wondering if it was my rice (White Basmati) and that I rinsed it?

  6. Judy, it should set up.. let it sit a minute then stir. I have made this one way more than I should!! I hope you can figure out the issue because it is one of our favorites.

  7. I just made this following instructions exactly and mine is very soupy, not at all like in your picture. Tastes good, but not what I expected.

  8. Hillary, I use quick release. You will love this rice recipe! It is always a hit when we have people over.

  9. I’m glad to see this cooked in the pressure cooker, I use the very same recipe and bake it in the oven for one hour.

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