Printable bookmarks to color make a fun little gift for friends to make them feel special! Color them yourself or add a few pencils and let your friend color!

We love ready and always love a good bookmark. Here are some beautiful handmade bookmarks. Be inspired by coloring bookmarks with inspirational quotes.

printable coloring bookmark with pink yarn tassel

The funny bookmarks are easy to make. Just print and color!  Whooo Whoo has good friends? If you do you can wish someone a magical day, let someone know they are toadally awesome and that they are a purrrrrfect pal! Too cute!

four printable bookmarks to color

Make these bookmarks extra specials with a tassel!

Printable Bookmarks with Yarn TasselS

Here are the supplies you need

scissors hole punch yarn to make tassel for book mark

Cut a piece of cardboard the length you want the tassel to be.  My piece was about 2 1/2 inches. Wrap yarn around the cardboard about 8 times.

yarn ball yarn wrapped around white card to make DIY tassel

Cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long.  This piece can be adjusted if you want the tassel closer to the top of the bookmark.

piece of yarn beside card wrapped with yarn

Slip the yarn through the top of the yarn wrapped around the card. Center the piece of yarn.

yarn at top of yarn wrapped card

Tie the yarn on the card tightly together and make a knot. Next tie the ends of the yarn.

knot tied at top of yarn wrapped card

Take another piece of yarn about 6 inches long. Tie this around the loops of yarn.

wrap piece of yarn around tassel

I draw the piece that was just tied down with the long loops.

tie knot around tassel

Cut the loops of yarn.

cut loops of tassel

Trim the bottom of the tassel.

trim bottom of tassel

There you have it one fun little tassel.

finished tassel

Punch a hole in the top of the printable bookmark. Use a slip knot to attach the tassel to the top of the bookmark.

hole punch printable bookmark tassel

Use these printable bookmarks for the cutest Valentines ever by attaching a couple of colored pencils with washi tape.  A mini box of miniature pencils or crayons would also be fun to tape to the back. You might also like these Valentine Bookmarks.

colored pencils attached to back of printable bookmark with washi tape

The perfect gift for a purrrrfect friend! I hope you love these free printable bookmarks!

printable coloring bookmark with pink yarn tassle


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  1. These are adorable! The perfect craft for kids – we can’t decide which one we like more…the unicorn or the owl!

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