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So happy to be here today. I was just with Miss Cindy this weekend, and was reminded how much I love her and her site!

My name is Kristyn, and I blog over at Lil’ Luna. It’s there that you can find all things good – recipes, crafts, DIY, decor, printables and more for all occasions. Come on over and say hi.

Today I wanted to show you how to make a Valentine’s Soda Box Gift Set. I made one for Christmas back in 2010 after seeing the original idea for Father’s Day and have been dying to make a Valentine’s version ever since.

Do you like it? It’s pretty cheap and can be made quite quickly, which is always a bonus.

Here is what you’ll need if you want to make it too.


-Glass Soda Pop Box and Soda Pop Bottles {I used Strawberry Crush because of the rid lids, but IBC Cream Soda works too}

-Soda Pop Box Printables

-Scissors/Paper Cutter

-Hot Glue


-Paint {spray paint or craft paint}


Recycle glass pop bottles and caps

1. Begin by drinking the pop {keep your lids!} You will wash the bottles and let dry for a day to make sure there is no more moisture inside. Set aside.

Soda pop box painted red

2. You will then paint your box. I spray painted mine to go quicker, but you can also paint with craft paint. Let dry. Set aside.

Valentines candy:  jelly beans, candy valentine corn and candy hearts

Candy filled soda pop bottles

3. Fill your bottles with all sorts of candy. There are so many fun VDay candies at the store, and even plenty at the local Dollar Store. Fill to the brim and top with your lid.

VDayPrints – Pop Bottle Set

Capped bottles with heart stickers applied to the cap

4. Print and cut out all your labels. Then add Label to the front of your box with hot glue. Also add labels around each bottle as well as images for the tops of each bottle.

Candy filled and capped bottles placed in the red carton that has had Valentines Day printable labels applied.

5. Fill your Box with your candy-filled bottles.

That’s it! Super cute and super easy.

Valentine’s is such a SWEET holiday and what’s better than giving this gift to someone to sweeten their day?

For more Valentine’s ideas, come on over to Lil’ Luna were I am posting fun and inexpensive Valentine’s ideas from me 4 times a week til February 14th!


XO - Kristyn


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  2. HAHA! I SO wish I would have had these printables a few weeks ago when I made mine!! I say spray paint first! It took FOUR coats of acrylic paint to cover my soda box!! LOL HOWEVER, they are very cute when finished and I LOVE the outcome!


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