Puffy Finger paint is a great way to get creative inside!  It is  a fun kids activity that will really wow your kids.  If you are looking for more boredom busting ideas check out all our summer crafts and activities ideas to keep kids active and entertained this summer!  The best craft bloggers are sharing  fun kids crafts! From Patriotic Bike Flags  to Coffee Filter Flowers you will find fun creative ideas!

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Finger painting can be one of the most fun activities for a toddler. It allows them to be creative, messy, and discover new textures! By using a finger paint with a totally different texture than traditional finger paint, you are not only creating a whole new type of art, but an entirely new experience for the child too!

Puffy Finger Paint Recipe

Puffy finger paint is really easy to make too! It only takes 3 ingredients. You probably already have all of them in your house too!

How to make puffy finger paint


You need…

Shaving cream

White school glue

Food coloring

Easy puffy finger paint


Squirt some shaving cream into your bowl and then skirt the glue on top of it. For a bowl full of shaving cream, you will squirt approximately 1 tablespoon worth of glue in. It doesn’t have to be exact at all! That is the beauty of this craft! Then, you will add the food coloring. Put how ever much food coloring you need to create the color you want. Remember that food coloring can leave a temporary stain on your skin and a not so temporary stain on clothing! Mix up the ingredients together and you have puffy finger paint!

kids puffy finger paint recipe


Let your kids discover an entirely new texture of paint! After they are done painting, let the artwork sit out to dry and display for the world to see!

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