Craft the cutest puppy dog Valentine box in minutes. Use these free printables to help you easily turn a shoebox into the cutest card holder for all those classroom valentines on Valentine’s Day.

cute puppy valentine box, dog is holding a heart with its paws
Puppy Dog Valentine Box to hold Valentines and Treats

Making a card box is such a fun activity. Here are some fun Valentine Box Ideas so you can find the perfect thing to collect your Valentine mail.

Puppy Dog Valentine Card Box Supplies

puppy printables with shoebox
DIY Valentine Box Printable Template

How to Make a Puppy Dog Valentine Box

First, download and print the puppy printable on white card stock. Cut them out. Next, cover the outside of the shoebox with white copy paper. Cover the lid and the box separately. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The puppy features will cover most of the front of the box.

shoe box covered with white copy paper

Cut out the black mouth. Place the head at the top of the lid for the box and trace the mouth opening with a pencil. The top of the head can stick out above the top of the box. Cut out the mouth area on the lid of the box.

puppy head with mouth cut out

Glue the puppy head to the lid and add the rest of the features.

puppy head with mouth cut out placed on box

Tape a piece of red paper on the inside of the lid. Tape only the top edge of the paper and leave the bottom free.

red paper topped to the inside of the shoe box

This will make the mouth look red but still allow plenty of room for cards to be dropped in the box.

puppy head with red mouth
Adorable Puppy Box

One cute puppy Valentine box!

puppy dog valentine box for cards
Perfect DIY Valentine’s Box


  • Be sure to have your child use a marker to add their name to the heart the dog is holding. I didn’t get a picture of this.
  • Want to boost kids’ creativity? Just use the puppy printables as a template. You can trace around them vary the shapes and add your own expressions. You might even trace them on to craft foam or black felt and pink felt.
  • Never hesitate to make your Valentine shoe boxes sparkle with glitter. Uses ribbons to add a bow on the dog’s ear to make a paws-itively super-creative box.

More DIY Valentine Boxes

Be sure to check out some of my favorite Valentine’s day cards. I have hundreds of kiddos’ Valentines here at Skip to my lou.

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  1. This is SO cute! My daughter was looking for ideas for her box this year, she fell in love with this cute puppy!

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