I am tossing around a little idea.  Giveaways actually take alot of time to do and I get tons of requests for them. What if I set aside one day of the week and anyone who wanted to promote their blog/shop could guest post and give something away?  What do you think?  Would you be interested? Would you mind taking a little survey?

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  1. I love your site – so crafty with so much inspiration!
    I am probably in the minority but prefer no giveaways – it is kind of like advertising pages in a mag or what commercials are to my favorite tv show for me.

  2. Hiyah, I took your survey and then wanted to add this… Many times giveaways etc. actually take away from my experience with a blog. they take up time and resources from the real projects and stuff…the real reason I come to the blog in the first place…I guess I’d rather have YOU than free stuff. (Hope that made sense. I’m not used to commenting) Thanks for listening…

  3. I am a fairly new subscriber–but LOVE your creative blog. I don’t subscribe to blogs for giveaways–although I have tried to win some in the past. Mainly I subscribe because I like creative, fun, and cheep ideas.

    One of the things about giveaways that REALLY annoys me is that some blogs don’t CLEARLY post the winner–so if it isn’t announced in a post–or if you don’t receive an email–you have to “chase around” to find out who won.

    The good thing about giveaways is that the statistics are better then the lottery and don’t cost $1.00 to enter! LOL! (I don’t seem to win anyway–so I’m really in it for the posts. And if per chance I did win one–it’s a BONUS!)

    Keep up the great work here.

  4. I understand the giveaways, but they’re never my reason for reading a blog. I love the ideas, the inspiration, the instructions, and, finally, the community. I’ve learned so much and blogs reinforce my view that the world is full of good people.

  5. I think a weekly give-a-way is a great idea. It would be great to be able to see everyone’s give-a-way in one spot, plus it would make it much easier for you if everyone handled their own give-a-way.

  6. I visit your site because it is fun and interesting. I am a crafter, always searching for ideas that are inexpensive so my friends and I can make “tray favors” for shut ins. We do 80 each month.
    I don’t care if you have giveaways. I don’t care if anyone ever has giveaways. It’s not my purpose for blogging. But then that’s just me.
    As far as others guesting on your blog, why not.

  7. I love this idea as well. At the point that I have something to give away I’d be happy to partake, although at this time I have nothing in my store!

  8. Have always loved your site and all that you share. Giveaways are great but don’t feel like you have to but if you do, I would sponsor one.

    I took the survey and loved it’s detailed nature, but wouldn’t expect less from you. 🙂


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