Rainbow Coloring Pages are your newest free printable for kids of all ages! Who doesn’t love a rainbow to get them in the mood for Spring?

Whether you print single coloring sheets or make a coloring book, these cute rainbows will work for St. Patrick’s Day or any day for that matter! Skip to My Lou has so many free printable coloring pages made with YOU in mind! Shamrock Coloring Sheets and St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages.

colored rainbow coloring page

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

Free Rainbow Coloring Pages for kids are sure to delight anyone who likes an adorable picture to color, and the best thing is, YOU get to decide the colors of the rainbow!

What are the Colors of the Rainbow

What is a rainbow? A colorful phenomenon that can be seen in the sky after it rains. Rainbows are caused by light reflecting off of water droplets in the atmosphere. The different colors are caused by different wavelengths of light. Red has the longest wavelength and violet has the shortest. Most rainbows are arcs, but they can also be circles or crescents. They can be full or partial, depending on how much sunlight is shining on them. No matter what shape they are, rainbows always bring joy to people’s hearts. So next time you see one, take a moment to appreciate its beauty!

And about those colors…if you want to color in the order of the rainbows seen in the sky, follow this easy guideline: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Remember the name of this gentleman, ROY G. BIV, and you will always remember the order of the colors of the rainbow!

Rainbow Printables Supplies and Instructions

All you need is your trusty home printer, the paper, and the colors of your choice to make some rainbow pictures!

  1. Download pdf file (button below image) of 1 or all of these rainbow coloring pictures
  2. Print
  3. Color with markers, colored pencils, or crayons (watercolor paints are fun too!)
  4. Repeat!

Preschoolers will love this darling bear with a rainbow picture. The simple design makes it easy for small hands.

preschool rainbow coloring page
Cute Rainbow Coloring Page
colored rainbow fish
rainbow fish coloring page
Rainbow Fish Coloring Page
rainbow unicorn coloring page
Unicorn Rainbow Coloring Page

supplies for rainbow coloring pages

More Rainbow Fun!

These ideas are a blast for people of all ages! They’re perfect for parties, rainy days, or any time you need a little bit of fun.

Rainbow coloring sheets, printable unicorn pictures, and preschool rainbow coloring pictures are just a few things available. What are you waiting for? It is always time to color!

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